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  Sunday, 17 September 2023
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There are 13 basic Futhark runes, they symbolize the Zodiac esoterically. Symbolically, how are the runes Ur and Gibor structurally interconnected/related?What I meant by that was, not really in reference to the ToL, but more in the broader sense of the runes meanings unto themselves, more like the Hebrew language in a kind of more occult or energetic/esoteric sense, and if there is a deeper connection here, in this sense like, in the meaning of the connotation of this, I have more questions related to astrological talismans and the grimoires. Through the Kabbalah, how are these represented in the Eastern faiths like Taoism/Daoism? They are so very different yet so very interrelated to this as well in the context of Jesus and Christianity, in the mysteries the understanding of Christ is represented by the crown of thorns, which is esoterically the weight of the cornerstone in Alchemy and the transmutation of the solar bodies process, which is why this may be more helpful for you to understand what I am asking. It may be easier to find in the Qlippoth. I was also thinking about this, as someone who basically practices the concepts of Christianity, there are many holy verses in there spoken about the glory of God in relation to actual consciousness, and thus this would apply in very broad general sense.
5 days ago

There is a lot of connotation in those 2 symbols out of the 13 in this system.

I was wondering about the symbols of Hagal, Ur as well as Tyr, as well as Olim. I began to meditate on them thinking about relativity and spiritual experiences. I remembered a lot of so called spiritual experiences, I had as a young man and teenager, were they real? How real? And I had done the experiement of the writing on the roll then, so I could recall it correctly.

This first conclusion from retrospection, I could see I was extremely clairvoyant as a teenager, comparatively. So in this sense I started to study Daoism, how symbolic much of it is by nature. Daoism is well known for its exhaustive supernatural concordance in todays times, for what little it is known.

I had a period as a teenager when I moved put and became homeless for two weeks, it was my fault I stepped out of a car with a cell phone and no money.

This was absurdly dangerous then, it was a huge city. However now, it would not even be remotely within comparison due to Covid. Lol

It is a big city, but in a remote rural area, thus making it not quite so much... of a big city.

I eventually relocated here and my neighbor was blind, and quite a bit older, and sexually incompatible (he was not straight anymore).


In the sense of the Kabbalah this is esoteric like the Lovers card of the Tarot, and gave me inspiration, and I decided to begin to study and write about that in my journal, that I carelessly maintained before I moved here, and it really made me realize a lot about spirituality or spiritism in general, because all religion basically functions the same way overall. And the earth shall abide, we have no idea how much longer we will even have a habitable planet.

Daoism and Christian prophecy in the Mahayana I think 🤔 have a few prophecies about this, so Kabbalistically I meditated about Ur and Tyr, how could they apply to the bigger picture of my life and this world, and so I tried to look up what little works remaining Samael wrote about this, he did not actually over ALL of his writings include a lot of techniques.

Over the past 2 to 3 years moved into experiments with elemental magic using chi kung methods.

This took a long time and I couldnt make progress here, but after finally "entering" or breaking out of my old mental conditions (which was prolonged), now that I CAN do what I was trying to do in the beginning, it makes me really wonder, are there other meaings, symbolically or with symbolism, behind Tyr and Ur and the others through the swastika, which is also a Daoist symbol in Ba Kwa, which means, without resorting to a modern translation, Mind of Wandering (Ur and inverted Tyr would through a descent of kundalini on the ToL, go down through Tiphereth, at the bottom (Klippoth).

This would be in the realm of angels now.
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