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  Monday, 15 May 2023
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Hi, I wanted to inquire about tarot cards and how they work. Does a spirit/entity pick the card for the tarot reader and then feed information to the subconcious mind of the tarot reader?

How else do certain tarot readers know things that they shouldn't know? Literally, they'll tell me my name, the names of my mother, spouse ETC and what events will befall us and have befallen us in the past and Im just wondering... how did you get all that information from some cards?

Please tell me how these magical cards work because they are one of the ONLY things that have proven the supernatural for me. This and vedic astrology. I have witnessed the validity of both first-hand. Unfortunately, astral travel, jinn travel and e.t existence are all still myths from my perspective but maybe that'll change someday. Please help
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