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  Monday, 08 May 2023
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Dear Instructors,

In a few instances you have mentioned Freemasons in a spiritual context. I am struggling to understand their true motives as there have been (and still are) members behind wars and even genocides. What is your view of Freemasonic groups?

Why a group of people (even if they follow some spiritual tradition) decides what is “good” for humanity?

I am also struggling to justify the word’s “1%” who are after power and money and who are “concerned” and want to “help” others live, which often is a disservice to the humanity. However, any attempt to make their actions be revealed is labelled as a “theory of conspiracy”. Of course I am not taking about spreading hate, fear and misinformation but sometimes there are genuinely honest people, and what they say helps to avoid making wrong decisions.
3 weeks ago
I have been thinking about this exact question today. Are the wars and genocides managed by divine forces? People (freemason) send each other (the nations) to war, yes, but the whole situation is managed internally by individuals of the white lodge and black lodge?

for example, there is a conspiracy that the civil war is actually genocide. and that the war was created to mask what it really was, a small group of people killing a large group of people. all war is genocide anyways. How would that situation be managed? Those people(of the nations) who have war in them are attracted to the war that the 1% enable. And who enables that 1% to create the situation for war? the Angelic hosts?
12 hours ago
Please any views, instructors?
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