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  Saturday, 21 January 2023
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I was invited to a feast some hours ago. As I practice and study gnosis I enjoy these things less and less, so I said to those people that I will never in my life eat that kind of food again.

(My personal reasons are: I don't want to live like a pig anymore. And feasts create the urge to do bad things like fornication)

So, anyways, I was thinking: there are two kinds of feasts, the luxurious feasts of rich people, where they eat expensive food like caviar and lobsters, and they are all well dressed inside beautiful restaurants with nice architecture; and the poor man's feast, where they eat pizza, pasta, burgers, or worse: rotten, smelly food where insects walked over. I know many drunkard gluttons that have no problem eating extremely disgusting food.

My questions are:

1. Can we consider our entire food culture something very degenerated? Samael said "evil will is concentrated desire", and since most restaurants or food companies stimulate desire in people, can these places be considered "evil" dens of black magic?

2. Is it safe to assume that the glutton addicted to disgusting food disintegrates faster in hell, while the sophisticated glutton lasts longer with his luxurious lifestyle, until he can no longer lie to himself about his reality, and then after some time he finds himself in the same situation as the poor glutton, eating disgusting and dirty food, because that's the nature of the glutton ego? Even if the personality was trained to be sophisticated, in the very end we all fall under the same enthrophy?
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