Tuesday, 22 November 2022
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Hello instructors,

I invite you to share your thoughts on the small but handy book called, Don't Delay Enlightenment.
The author had profound spiritual experiences at the age of 18 and found his enlightenment at age 58. There is also something called the Sri Bagavath Mission who's wish is to promote a faster enlightenment for all.

He seems to know the foundational principles of nature and consciousness, explaining the physics of subconsciousness, consciousness, and deep consciousness. He explains some essential things like how subconsciousness has a mechanical life of it's own until it comes in the conscious field, whereby it can be perceived but, never controlled directly.
He also claims that once one has attained enlightenment, he or she then must confirm it so. He mentions how the Buddha's sudden enlightenment is still a remarkable one to this day, but that sudden enlightenment can be attained by all of us, since liberation is a matter of understanding, not time.

Personally, I've killed many ego's simply be having intellectual epiphany's and I was very surprised that I could obtain comprehensions and eliminations without meditation.

But, there seems to be one major short coming to Sri's book; there doesn't seem to be much consideration about practical and emotional comprehension. For example, one cannot destroy laziness until one comprehends that they must do something. One cannot destroy superficiality until they comprehend what it feels like to suffer and be afflicted with emotion.

The book takes an hour and a half to read. What do you think? Why does sudden enlightenment happen, and can we all attain it? And when master's speak of enlightenment, do they usually mean, half the work? Because there is no mentioning of Tantra with a partner to eliminate all of the ego.
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