Thursday, 04 August 2022
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Kia Ora (Maori greeting), I am writing from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and have recently come across these teachings. In New Zealand we have only had written language for about 225 years and have, as most colonized countries, had a very hard time getting solid facts about the history of the people of the South Pacific. This includes the Maori of NZ, the Tongans, the Samoans, the Fijians, Soloman Islanders, Rarotongans, Tahitians and people of many other Islands in the South Pacific. In NZ most of the Maori knowledge was hidden many years ago in 40,000 (approx) Waiatas (Maori songs) and these have been very hard to get a hold of as they still haven't been written down. The DNA of the Maori has recently been traced back to the Mayans, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Persians and Ancient Chinese People, but there is a lot of contention and dismissal of these findings. There are tales of red headed 'giants' being here when the Maori first started arriving and also of tiny Fairies which are know as 'The Children of the mist', who lived amongst a couple of the first Tribes who were established here. It's my understanding these are likely to have been the same elementals that Wagner speaks of in his great opera, but this not something I have heard anywhere else. In Maori Mythology their id a Father, Mother Son 'trinity'. The mother (Earth) is called Papatuanuku, and this has recently been translated by mainstream scholars as 'The veil will be lifted', which I found very interesting. There is also a 'trickster' god, named Maui, who is said to be the Patriarch of most of the Pacific People, and stole fire from the feminine fire goddess, Mahuika. I have studied the art of the Samoans and Tongans and found hidden in their 'Tapa cloth' designs the exact same images as are depicted in the drawings of Walter Russell. There is so much esoteric knowledge hidden down here and the People of the Pacific are desperate to find out more about our history. My question is: recently I came across a very interesting piece of information in Samael's book about Runes. He stated that the doctrine he taught was the doctrine of the 'Ancient Samoans'. This makes lots of sense to me and I was wondering if there is ANY further information that you were aware of, either in his teachings, or elsewhere, in which could help elaborate on this statement by The Master Samael? Mihi koe (thankyou), for all you are doing for Tāngata (People) of the Whenua (Earth), Aroha nui (much (Love).
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