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  Friday, 03 June 2022
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Greetings everyone,
I hope the instructors will approve this post, as it is a more general topic.

I would like to ask you, the members of the community, whether you are interessted in a Glorian retreat in Europe? For now this is a hypothetical question. But if it turns out, that we have a solid group of interessted people and volunteers, we can make it real :)

Personally, I live in Germany, so naturally I would look for a place near my location. Although we can talk about other countries, if someone knows just the right place or wants to organize this.

So please, feel free to respond this thread and state if you are interessted in a European retreat and how likely you would attend one.
9 months ago
For related inquiries and suggestions, you can write to our retreat organizer: help [at] :)

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