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Hello, these question has to do with humans invading outer space; and the consequences that might bring to the rest of the human (race). Now in this present modern age: we would have to realize that with such a powerful Civilization, there is also concern's that should follow, and for that reason any individual must also wisely retrospect and think about the results of any action, that we choose to advance ourselves in. Therefore I say that one would have to deeply reflect on any action: we try to advance ourselves in!. Anybody now can realize, the many advances in Astronomy, Medicine, and Chemistry; and in all of these advances, "it has come to a point that a human race can built a powerful ship and be able to direct it to another planet, in our solar system. Now it is possible for a human to travel with a spaceship and return to these earth without harm, and without a doubt these human race has the capability of sending Ship's to other planet's (even though they are not manned) besides the moon and are able to redirect them back to earth, and gather much information of the solar system and the planets that rotate around the sun, planets like Mar's and Venus for instance. Now from all of these conquest's and advancement, the modern day scientists, I think will for instance try to build a space ship (nuclear rocket) and for instance try to towards it to other planet's of the vast Galaxies, that surround the milky way, and with the intentions of "conquering", so I think these humanity will towards itself to other world's with the intentions of trying to conquering other world's, like they did to the planets that revolve around the milky way's, at these point you must understand and know that they are other human beings, that live on other worlds, (apart from the planets that revolve around the milky way galaxy), "we are not alone"!, Take for instance: any sighting's of a flying saucer, or UFO's "unidentified flying object's" those are cosmic Ship's with the extra-terrestrial's (other human's from other planet's "Galaxies";), the reason's they appear and disappear while in motion "traveling" is because there cosmic Ship's are able to travel within any dimension's of space (of the Kabbalah), not just the third dimension: of the physical eyes, but also other dimension of nature, like the 4th and 5th dimension, "and then when they pass by and then disappear, we ignore them and think that they are airplane's or shooting star's" I believe those human's, who are within those flying saucer's would never want to be in contact with us; because of how degenerated "sinful" we have become (unless if we change our way's". To the point of our many advancements and it's consequences, in the last century, (The Mid to end of the 20th Century alone!), and with the two World War's apart from each other, "it proved that indeed, indeed life upon the face of the Earth was almost going to become (impossible!), in that century alone with all of its evils and degeneration: "life on Earth was at it's blink", let us take for instance the "creation" of the Atomic bomb, (life on Earth was in danger!), it also proved that anyone can wipe out "a series of large amount of human life in an instant!, and also contaminate the Earth's atmosphere with long term radiation's, that could contaminate the environment, and then many unknown sickness would arise, "never at a point discovered by medical science", the waters of the world were also contaminated and much harvest (crop's) were lost!. And these is the effect's of the creation of "a nuclear weapon" (The Atomic Bomb), so am now thinking, since we have the capability of creating(building) a "nuclear space ship, that can travel to any planet of our solar system (milky way) back in forth. Let us say for instance, in the near future we are "able to create a nuclear rocket that can travel far passed the milky way (far away from our solar system) and then try to invade other world's (humanities), other Civilization with human life on them, since we can only photograph those Galaxies "distant star's" in this modern day and time, but let us say: we are able to go there with nuclear Ship's, and at the same time, the world is still in these conditions, "evil way's" sinful way's ,and we have not yet learned how to repent from our evil way's and we have not taken the time to purify ourselves, our heart's and our spirit's and take time to concentrate on the awakening of our consciousness and seek the path of liberation and give a lot of time on learning and teaching ourselves on how to escape suffering (samsara), what would be consequences and end result's of those actions!?. That is trying to invade other humanities?.
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All of this is explained in this book:

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

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