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  Friday, 23 December 2011
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<p>Well personally, I found Gnostic Teachings when my uncle who is very close to me got a stroke and I wasn't sure if he wasn't going to make it. At some point during his time in the hospital I basically got to the point where I ceased worrying and accepted the present. It was at that point that I basically....discovered Gnosis and the teachings.   I guess I've always been searching for something other than what is offered in the usual churches. I have to say that the influence it has had on me has been tremendous in surprisingly little things such as learning to let go, learning to accept that everything passes and that I wasted a lot of energy on a lot of frivolities in my life.  I still do to a certain extent but I'm learning to be mindful. I've read some criticisms as well of Samael Aun Weor, and I have to say overwhelmingly that I can't speak for those persons, but his teachings which are no different from those of Yeshua or Jesus, or Buddha, or Dhao, have helped me through some pretty confusing circumstances on a daily basis. The lectures are amazing even though some of the terminology is sometimes a bit difficult to follow. They are honestly calming and insightful, particularly the series on Death and the Fuel for Spiritual Liberation.</p>

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