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Hi I am new Gnostic and I want to know if there is a fast method to meditate to see the other realms and communicate with the higher beings and know the the truth .

Thanks very much
10 years ago
Is something wrong with my question ?
10 years ago
To see the truth, to experience the higher realms, to awaken consciousness, has nothing to do with time. If you understand how to use the consciousness free of the influence of desire, you can see anything you want, anytime. All that is required is to know how to utilize your attention. The higher worlds that you want to see are right here, right now, but you cannot see them because your consciousness is asleep. Learn how to awaken by being here and now, and finding those elements in yourself that distract you from the here and now.

There are hundreds of techniques in our books and courses. They all work, but all depend upon the student understanding how to use them. Access to experiences and insight does not depend upon time, but on comprehension, understanding, of how to awaken from moment to moment.

Whosoever wants to awaken the consciousness in the Superior Worlds must begin by awakening it in the here and now.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

10 years ago
Thanks very much dear Matthew , I am working on saying the chakras sounds (I,E,O,A,U,M,S) and transmute my sexual energy as I am single so saying MMMMMM SSSSAH while masturbating and not ejaculate as A Gnostic friend told me , Are those the techniques ? or are there others stronger ?

10 years ago
Working with the vowels is good. However, masturbation causes harm. I have given you a link to many articles about that, below.

Also, I have not heard of the mantra you mentioned; perhaps you meant HAM SAH? If so, the directions for that mantra are also linked below.

There are many techniques in our tradition. I suggest that you study the books and work with the practices as they are given there. All of the techniques work and are strong; that is why we have them. However, in order for them to work, we need to make lots of changes in our behaviors, heart, and mind.
10 years ago
Thanks dear Mathew. So I shouldn't touch my penis or arouse myself with sexual thoughts or imaginations ?

1. Execute a supreme effort, (one like that of a woman who is giving birth) sending the nervous current towards the sexual organs while also making an effort to close the sphincters or exits through which the seminal fluid usually escapes.  This is a supreme effort.

2. Inhale as if you were pumping, or making the seminal fluid rise with the respiration towards the brain. As you inhale, vocalize the mantra HAM. Imagine this energy rising to the brain and then passing to the heart.

3. Now exhale the breath, imagining the sexual energy being fixed in the heart. While exhaling, vocalize the mantra SAH.

4. If the spasm is very strong, refrain, refrain, and continue inhaling and exhaling with the help of the mantra HAM-SAH. HAM is masculine. SAH is feminine. HAM is Solar. SAH is Lunar.

One must expel the air rapidly through the mouth producing the sound SAH in a soft and delightful way. One must inhale with the mouth half open, mentally chanting the mantra HAM.

The basic idea of this esoteric exercise is to invert the respiratory process, making it truly positive, since in the present state the negative lunar aspect SAH predominates, which leads to seminal discharge. By inverting the respiratory process through this breathing exercise, the centrifugal force becomes centripetal and the semen then flows inwards and upwards.

That exercise only ?

10 years ago
Correct. Imagination and sexual energy create. If you use them for sexual fantasy, you create problems. On the other hand, you can use them for spiritual awakening. That is the basic purpose of this website and our books: to teach you how to awaken.

There are many other exercises we teach that are similar to that, and many that complement it, to give us the help we need.

Read this book: it explains everything.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

10 years ago
Thanks very very much dear Mathew , I will read the book and do what I knew of exercises and If I wanted to know something I will ask and when I reach I will tell you :)

10 years ago
I know a lot of books here but I have conditions and I will be offline except weekends as my first job demands that till I save some money to buy a computer and i will leave tomorrow so are there any other mantras that helps you know ? and what do the master Samuel means by sexual magic ? and Doing the Ham Sah mantra is suitable for me ?

Sorry if I disturb you but you are a good human and what you sow you will reap :)

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  • I am so very grateful for you all and what you have done in my life to help me realize myself and what path it’s actually wise to tread and stay on. Thank you I honestly cannot thank you enough.

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