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Jesus of Nazareth was the avatar of the piscean era. Samael Aun Weor is the avatar of the aquariun era. There is a bodisatva of YHVH that Samael spoke about that was born in a certain country. Is this bodisatva of YHVH the avatar the Jewish people of the middle eastern country of Israel are awaiting?
5 years ago
424. There is the need to distinguish between what the avatars are and what the savior is.
425. John the Baptist was the avatar of Pisces and I am the avatar of Aquarius.
426. The savior of the world is not an avatar. He is more than all of the avatars. He is the savior.
427. We, the avatars, are simply the instructors and the founders of a new era.
428. Christ is more than all the instructors. He is the savior.

John the Baptist and Jesus are of course both avatars, in the sense that they gave a doctrine, but Jesus more properly speaking is beyond an avatar. He is something more elevated because he is beyond the hierarchy of the Seven Cosmocreators.

Concerning Jehovah, this is something complex. In short there is an Inner Being named Jehovah, an archetype and symbol of "Jehovah", as well as a class of angels referred to as Jehovah. Read carefully and meditate on the following:

The doctrine of the Savior which the "Jews" are awaiting has to do with the symbolic component.
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