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  Monday, 23 November 2015
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Is larvae cleansing with sulfur, sage, copal etc something we should do quite often just like vacuuming and cleaning the house physically?
7 years ago
Yes, absolutely!

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

7 years ago
I heard recommendations to burn sulfur for nine consecutive days, why nine days and what happens if a day is missed?

If one were to burn sulfur on a charcoal disc then while holding their breath quickly move the vessel containing the burning charcoal around their body, will this aid in destroying any larvae that is on or near the body?

Do astral parasites/larvae go through a metamorphosis process similar to grubs, caterpillars etc where they progressively get more complicated?

When I first started using sulfur and other cleansing agents like sage and copal, in the astral I saw a very strong (thick and horned), disgusting looking worm expelled. I felt relieved but at the same time very shocked at the thought that such a creature was somehow attached to me.

More recently in the astral I saw many small parasite entities of the same type gathered around a well, where there was standing water inside, the wall of the well was obviously made of some type of rock similar to bluestone. Before I noticed the creatures I put my hand on the well itself to have a look inside, then I noticed them, they jumped on my hand and bit me which produced a stinging, pinching sensation. I had missed many days of transmutation and didn't cleanse my space regularly so I am sure it had something to do with that.

In the same dream sequence I encountered another insect-like creature which was much larger and as a reference looked like a cross between a spider and scorpion but not exactly, it was quite grotesque and looked dangerous/poisonous, certainly you wouldn't want to touch or get bitten by this thing. That's the feeling I had when seeing it. Now in the dream I was simply observing this, I saw the creature moving etc as if I was watching a type of documentary.

When I woke up I decided it would be best to cleanse my space by burning sulfur, I tried to go for nine days but was unable to complete the whole thing.

Now after some time I am recalling a (most recent) dream which involves some sort of larvae, in the dream I flicked something off my body onto the ground, if I recall it was something on or in my right ear, at first I thought it was simply ear wax, but I decided to have a closer inspection since it was a significant size.

When I looked at it, it looked opaque/transparent but with a human skin-tone color to it, I thought maybe it was part of my skin or some sort of human embryo/fetus, but I kept concentrating to get a better look, after a little while of looking I realized it was some sort of grub since it had what looked like a mouth area and an anus on either end. I decided to concentrate further to see if it was alive by watching it for movement, while very still I could see its head and rear gyrating as you would see a grub or worm in the physical. Thus I concluded that this must be some sort of larvae. So I stepped away, then that larvae seemingly appeared to go through a transformation and turn into some sort of vibrant creature about the size of a small dog.

It had vivid blue features, like some sort of fur around its body with pointy ears on top and looked more like a mammal than an insect.

I then woke up.

No idea what I just witnessed... But is it possible that objective perceptions can be over-layed by subjective ones?
7 years ago
Yes, nine consecutive days of cleansing is quite thorough. You can always do it again later.

Astral parasites are indeed quite disgusting. The more they have to eat, the bigger and more foul they become. That is why we avoid going to bars, movie theaters, certain types of restaurants, etc

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

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