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Types of Salt

1. There are two types of salt: one is masculine and the other feminine.

2. When it is excessively used, the male salt damages the human organism.

3. The female salt is beneficial and healthy.

4. The male salt is sea salt.

5. The female salt is rock salt; it is the salt from the salt mines.

6. The alchemist must prefer the female salt.

7. There are twelve fundamental salts, which are governed by the twelve zodiacal signs.

8. Illness appears when these twelve zodiacal salts are not well-balanced within our human organism.

9. To synthesize, these twelve zodiacal salts give a form of perfection to the twelve bodies used by the inhabitants of the Mist of Fire.

10. The twelve zodiacal salts convert the human being into a splendorous zodiac.

11. Everything that has a dense or subtle form is due to salt.

12. No form can exist without salt.

13. However, we must appreciate salt in its subliminal quintessence, which is imperceptible by the microscope, yet perfectly visible to the clairvoyant.

14. A profound study of the zodiacal salts will take us very far into the therapeutic field.

15. These twelve salts are:

16. Iron Phosphate

Phosphoric Magnesium

Phosphoric Calcium

Phosphoric Nitron

Phosphoric Potassium

Sodium Chloride

Sodium Carbonate

Potassium Chloride

Sodium Sulphate

Sulfuric Calcium

Calcium Fluoride


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