The Revolution of the Dialectic

Monotheism always leads to anthropomorphism (idolatry), which by reaction originates materialistic atheism. This is why we prefer polytheism.

We are not afraid to talk about the intelligent principles of the mechanical phenomena of nature, even if people classify us as pagans.

We are partisans of a modern polytheism founded on Psychotronics.

In final synthesis, monotheistic doctrines lead to idolatry.  It is preferable to talk about intelligent principles, which never leads to materialism.

In turn, the abuse of polytheism, by reaction, leads to monotheism.

Modern monotheism emerged from the abuse of polytheism.

In this era of Aquarius, in this new phase of the revolution of the dialectic, polytheism must be psychologically and transcendentally sketched out.  Besides, it must be put forward intelligently; we must set forth wisely with a vital and integral monistic polytheism.

Monistic polytheism is the synthesis of polytheism and monotheism.  Diversity is unity.

In the revolution of the dialectic, the terms good and evil, evolution and devolution, God or religion are not used.

In these decrepit and degenerate times, a revolution of the dialectic, a self-dialectic, and a new education are necessary.

In the age of the revolution of the dialectic, the art of reasoning must be handled directly by our Inner Being in order for it to be methodical and just.  An art of Objective Reasoning will provide a pedagogical and integral change.

All the actions of our life must be the outcome of an equation and an exact formula in order for the possibilities of the mind and the functionalism of understanding to surge forth.

The revolution of the dialectic has the precise clue in order to create an emancipated and unitotal mind; this is the clue to form minds free of conditioning, free of conceptual options.

The revolution of the dialectic does not have dictatorial norms for the mind.

The revolution of the dialectic does not seek to abuse intellectual liberty.

The revolution of the dialectic wants to teach how one should think.

The revolution of the dialectic does not want to cage or imprison thought.

The revolution of the dialectic wants the integration of all the values of the human being.

It is absurd to suppose that we can depart from this social chaos with all of its fights and miseries, if indeed, individually, we do not resolve ourselves to perform a radical and definitive change.

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