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The Personality

The personality is multiple and has many hidden depths. The karma of previous existences is deposited into the personality. It is karma in the process of fulfillment or crystallization.

The impressions that are not digested become new psychic aggregates, and what is more serious, they become new personalities. The personality is not homogenous but rather heterogeneous and plural.

One must select impressions in the same manner that one chooses the things of life.

If one forgets oneself at a given instant, in a new event, new “I’s” are formed, and if they are very strong they become new personalities within the personality. Therein lies the cause of many traumas, complexes, and psychological conflicts.

An impression that one does not digest may form into a personality within the personality, and if one does not accept it, it becomes a source of frightening conflicts.

Not all the personalities (which one carries within the personality) are accepted; the latter giving origin to many traumas, complexes, phobias, etc.

Before all else, it is necessary to comprehend the multiplicity of the personality. The personality is multiple in itself.

Therefore, there could be someone who may have disintegrated the psychic aggregates, but if he does not disintegrate the personality, he will not be able to attain authentic enlightenment and the joy of living.

When one knows oneself more and more, one knows others more.

The individual with an ego does not see things clearly and makes many mistakes. Even when tremendous logic exists in their analysis, those who have ego fail because they lack judgment.

If impressions are not digested, new “I’s” are created. One has to learn to select impressions.

It is not a matter of “being better”; what interests us is change. The Being surges forth when one has changed and has ceased to exist.

The undesirable elements that we carry within our interior are the ones that control our perceptions, preventing us from having an integral perception, which brings us joy and happiness.