The Fourth Unit of Reasoning

The fanatical communists mortally hate everything that contains the flavor of Divinity.

The fanatical materialists believe that they can resolve all the problems of the cosmos with their three-dimensional reasoning. What is worse in this matter is that they do not even know themselves.

The god-matter of these materialistic gentlemen does not withstand an in-depth analysis. Until now, the fanatics of Marxist dialectics have not been able to really demonstrate the existence of matter.

During the entire nineteenth and the entire twentieth centuries, the fanatical materialists have wasted their time arguing about the already tiresome subject of “matter and energy.”

A great deal has been said about energy and matter. Nonetheless, in spite of all the speculations, indeed matter and energy continue being the unknown X-Y. Then what?

What is funny in this subject matter is that the reactionary henchmen of the famous “dialectical materialism” have always tried to define one with the other. It is indeed ridiculous to define the unknown with the unknown.

The poor kidnapped children of Tibet are taught in Peking phrases such as this: “Matter is that thing within which the changes which are called movements are carried out. And movements are those changes which are carried out within matter.” This is the identity of the unknown, X=Y, Y=X. This is total ignorance, a vicious circle, an absurdity.

Who, at some time, has had in the palm of his hand a piece of matter without any form whatsoever? Who has known matter free of every form? Who, at some time, has known energy free from the concept of movement? Matter in itself, energy in itself, who has known these?

No one has seen “matter”; no one has seen “energy.” The human being only perceives phenomena, things, forms, images, etc., but has never seen the substance of things.

The materialistic gentlemen totally ignore everything that a given substance is. Therefore, they dogmatically call this given substance “matter,” whereas, what they are actually seeing is wood, copper, gold, rock, etc.

Really, the so called “matter” is a concept that is as abstract as beauty, generosity, and courage. Not a single fanatic of dialectical materialism has ever seen the substance of things in itself. They have never seen how the thing is in itself.

We do not deny that they utilize what they dogmatically call “matter.” The donkey also utilizes the grass for its nourishment without knowing it, nonetheless this is not science, this is not wisdom, this is nothing. Do the fanatics of dialectical materialism want to convert all human beings into donkeys? According to what we are seeing, this is so. What else can be expected from those who do not want to know what something is in and of itself?

It is absurd to suppose that we can depart from this social chaos with all of its fights and miseries, if indeed, individually, we do not resolve ourselves to perform a radical and definitive change.

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