The super-discipline and perfection of the physical body are achieved by means of naturopathic medicine.

When a super-discipline exists, it is obvious that we will be able to obtain direct wisdom from the archaeological documents.

By having super-discipline we will comprehend and accept that we have to take life, willingly, as a gymnasium.

Whosoever submits himself to super-discipline can expect great triumphs.

Those who live by super-discipline will have to be strong in order to bear the “solitude of the path.”

Evident Self-reflection

In order to comprehend evident self-reflection, one needs to study the Epistle of James which is written for those who work in the Great Work, in the revolution of the dialectic.

It is necessary that the Great Work and the psychological work become supported by faith, because faith is manifested through deeds.

Whosoever knows how to handle his tongue will dominate his body and will dominate others; thus, as a consequence he will march in an ascending manner in the Great Work and in the psychological work.

As we advance in the practice of these psychological teachings, we must avoid falling into another psychological error which is that of becoming boastful. We must also not become conceited in order to triumph in the Great Work and in the evident self-reflection.

Every alchemist, Kabbalist, and psychologist must have faith. Faith is not empirical; we have to fabricate it. Faith is fabricated by studying oneself and by experimenting with oneself.

It is absurd to suppose that we can depart from this social chaos with all of its fights and miseries, if indeed, individually, we do not resolve ourselves to perform a radical and definitive change.

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