We must be sincere with ourselves by performing a dissection of our “I” with the tremendous scalpel of “self-criticism.” It is an absurdity to criticize the errors of others. What is fundamental is to discover our own errors and to then disintegrate them on the basis of analysis and profound comprehension.

It is only possible to act collectively when each individual is capable of acting individually with complete and absolute consciousness of what is being done.

The systems of the revolution of the dialectic will seem very lengthy to impatient people. However, there exists no other way.

Those who want fast and immediate change in psychological and social order are the ones who create rigid norms, dictatorships of the mind. They do not yearn for others to know how to think; instead they dictate what has to be thought.

Every abrupt change defrauds its own objective and the human being becomes a victim once again of that which he struggled against. All the causes of failure of any organization exist here within ourselves.

It is absurd to suppose that we can depart from this social chaos with all of its fights and miseries, if indeed, individually, we do not resolve ourselves to perform a radical and definitive change.

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