The Chinese word Mo means “silent or serene.” Chao means “to reflect or to observe.” Mo-Chao, therefore, can be translated as “serene reflection” or “serene observation.”

To achieve absolute mental silence in all the levels of the subconsciousness is what is the most difficult, laborious and arduous task.

It is not enough to reach stillness and silence in the mere superficial intellectual level or in a few subconscious departments, because the Essence continues bottled up within the submerged, infraconscious and unconscious dualism.

A blank mind is something exceedingly superficial, hollow and intellectual. What we need is serene reflection if indeed we want to achieve the absolute stillness and silence of the mind.

Nonetheless, it is clear to comprehend that in pure Gnosticism the terms serenity and reflection have much more profound definitions and hence these must be comprehended within their special connotations.

The feeling of serenity transcends that which is normally understood by calm or tranquillity; it implies a superlative state which is beyond reasoning, desires, contradictions, and words. Serenity designates a situation which is beyond mundane noise.

Likewise, the meaning of reflection is beyond that which is understood as contemplation of a problem or idea. Now, it does not imply mental activity or contemplative thinking, but rather a kind of clear and reflective objective consciousness, always enlightened in its own experience.

Therefore, “serene,” in this context, is that serenity of non-thinking and “reflection” signifies intense and clear consciousness.

Thus, “serene reflection” is clear consciousness within the tranquility of non-thinking.

Perfect serenity reigns when true profound enlightenment is achieved.

It is absurd to suppose that we can depart from this social chaos with all of its fights and miseries, if indeed, individually, we do not resolve ourselves to perform a radical and definitive change.

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