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For the wise, to imagine is to see. Imagination is the translucence of the soul.

In order to attain Imagination it is important to learn how to concentrate thought on only one thing. Whosoever learns to think about only one thing makes marvels and prodigies.

The Gnostic who wants to reach Imaginative Knowledge must learn to concentrate and know how to meditate. The Gnostic must provoke drowsiness during the practice of meditation.

Meditation must be correct. The mind must be exact. Logical thought and exact concept are needed for the purpose of developing the internal senses absolutely perfectly.

The Gnostic needs a lot of patience because any act of impatience leads him towards failure.

Patience, willpower and an absolutely conscious faith are necessary on the path of the revolution of the dialectic.

On any given day, within dreams (while in meditation) a distant picture, a landscape of nature, a feature, etc. emerges. This is a sign that there is progress.

The Gnostic elevates himself little by little into Imaginative Knowledge. The Gnostic is unveiling the Veil of Isis little by little.

Whosoever awakens consciousness has reached Imaginative Knowledge. He moves into the world of symbolic images.

Those symbols that he saw while he was dreaming (when he tried to comprehend the ego during meditation) he now sees without dreaming; before he saw them with a sleeping consciousness. Now he moves himself among them with a vigilant consciousness, even when his physical body is profoundly asleep.