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The Eskimos of the North

Some traditions state that the Eskimos [Inuit] of Greenland and Alaska have their origin in distant Thule.  It is stated that the Eskimos are mixed with invaders from Polynesia, Tunguska, and Dene.

The great Gnostic Rosicrucian Master Arnold Krumm-Heller speaks sublimely about distant Thule, the sacred island. Don Mario Rosso de Luna states that this island still exists, however, it is found in the Jinn state.  We know that the first human Root Race existed on this island.

The Polar Root Race was developed within an environment totally different from the present one.  In that age, which dates back in time more than three hundred million years, the planet Earth was really semi-ethereal, semi-physical.  It appeared like a curved blue ocean, like the firmament at night.

In those times, human beings could float within the atmosphere.  The human bodies were androgynous and ethereal.  These bodies were elastic and subtle. They could maintain the form of their gigantic bodies (of ten or twenty meters in stature).  As well, they could reduce their size at will, thus, assuming a pygmy-like stature, or they could take on the size of the present human body.

We cannot affirm that those people were hermaphrodites.  This First Root Race was androgynous.  The sexual energy operated differently, and they reproduced through the fissiparous sexual act.  In a determined moment, the original organism divided into exact halves.  This is similar to multiplying by cellular division.  Each time this occurred, there was prayer and profound veneration of the Divine.

Although it may seem incredible, the first human Root Race reached a very high degree in its civilization.  Houses, palaces, cities and grandiose temples were built with the flexible and ethereal matter of this primeval Earth.  Naturally, the swine of materialism from this day and age will laugh at our assertions, because they have never found the remains of such a civilization.  It is impossible to find the remains of such an ancient civilization, because in that age the Earth was ethereal, that is to say, it was made of pro-matter.  Only in the memories of Nature can the great clairvoyants find all of the living history of the First Root Race.

This was the Protoplasmic Root Race. This was the human race’s legitimate protoplasm. The great clairvoyants can laugh at any time at the theoretical protoplasm of the followers of Darwin and Haeckel.

The fossil remains of the human beings found in the subterranean caverns of the Earth have nothing to do with the Protoplasmic Root Race. Those remains belong to those degenerated tribes, descendants of the submerged Atlantis.

Religion, science, and philosophy were totally united in the culture of the Polar Root Race. The inhabitants of distant Thule were Bodhisattvas of Masters from other Mahamanvantaras.

Adam and Eve were one single being.  In this day and age, Adam and Eve are separated and suffer; thus, they search for each other with an insatiable thirst to unite.  Only during the sexual act are the man and woman one single being.  In those moments of sexual voluptuousness both man and woman have the immense joy of being one single being.

The cosmic rituals of that age are very interesting.  The trained clairvoyant can discover pure occult Masonry within their temples.  Nevertheless, those rituals differed so greatly from those rituals that currently exist in the world, that it would be impossible for a modern Mason to admit that these rituals were Masonic.

The lights of the temple were not fixed.  As soon as a venerable Master was occupying the throne, just as quickly he would be leaving it. Sometimes the First Vigilant would occupy a throne, then suddenly he was leaving it in order to switch it for the throne of the Second Vigilant.  The high dignitaries levitated in order to switch thrones amongst themselves. The colors black and white were combined on their vestments in order to represent the struggle between the Spirit and matter.  The construction of the temple was perfect.  The symbols and the tools of work were used inverted in order to represent the drama projected through the centuries, that is, the descent of the Spirit into matter.  Thus, we may contemplate with amazement the inverted scepters, chalice, etc.—all inverted.  At that time, Life was descending towards matter; therefore, it was then necessary to give a symbolic expression to this.

Their sacred processions were grandiose.  These sacred processions made the great mysteries and the supreme descent of the Spirit into matter understandable.  This descent was an awaited grandiose event that was going to be fulfilled through the downward course of the centuries.  This grandiose event was awaited with much yearning, like how in this day and age the human being is awaiting for his return into the Superior Worlds.

The language of the Protoplasmic Root Race was the Word of Gold, a universal and cosmic language whose combinations of sounds produced cosmic phenomena of all kinds.  Those who follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony come to discover that primeval language again within themselves.  When the sacred fire reaches the level of the throat, we then begin to speak in the very pure rising of the divine language, which like a river of gold delightfully flows beneath the dense jungle of the Sun.  The cosmic laws of Nature were taught to the Gods by their Inner Fathers by chanting in this language.

The script of the First Root Race was with the runes. The mallet of Masonry comes from the arrow of the Egyptian God Ra, and this is a rune.

In that epoch, the rituals of the Polar Temple were all runic.  The movements of the officials were runic. This is the divine script.  Let us remember that the Swastika is a rune.  The Hebrew letters are but modifications of runic letters.

The cradle of occult wisdom was not Asia as many believe.  The true cradle of occult wisdom was the sacred island, the distant Thule, about which Huiracocha stated so many beautiful things.

In that age, the Protoplasmic Root Race, the sacred island was not in the north.  Indeed, that island was a continent whose exact position was on the equatorial line.  However, much later, with the revolution of the axis of the Earth, such an island remained in the north.  The revolution of the axis of the Earth has already been demonstrated by contemporary science.  Presently, the poles are gradually diverging toward the equator.

The present Eskimos, although mixed with other races, are not descendants of the First Root Race.  Rather, they are degenerated Atlanteans; nevertheless, they preserve some very interesting traditions.  These people have a family bond that unites them among themselves.  Each patriarch uses a special amulet consisting of a sign, totem mark, or the name of a species of a sacred animal which he passes onto his descendants.  

Many thinkers may feel inclined to believe that the Eskimo race could have its origin in the primeval Nordics of the first age, because of the fact that they live near the North Pole.

It is interesting to know that among the ancient Eskimos there was no special authority, cacique, or king. They were ruled by a council of elders. The young males married women from other clans in a Perfect Matrimony; however, the amulet served as a distinguishing sign in order to avoid marriages among relatives.  In other times, polyandry existed.  They killed every female child that was born before a male child. Fortunately, they have now abandoned that barbaric custom.

In his book entitled History of Matrimony, R. Westermarch states that the Eskimos lend or exchange their wife to another man. Indeed, this is an adulterous custom, a horrible custom incompatible with the doctrine preached by our adorable savior Jesus Christ.  Nevertheless, every rule has its exception and we cannot believe that all Eskimos have this same barbaric custom.  There is a bit of everything within the Garden of the Lord.

It is a custom for the Eskimos to wrap their dead in skins and bury them beneath a tumulus surrounded by a fence.  In the Aleutian Islands they were tied up with cords and buried within the crevices of cliffs.

The Eskimos know the Law of Eternal Return.  They know that the ego returns into a new womb.  The fetishes or diminutive dolls of the Eskimos symbolize the Essence.  They believe that the Essence is tiny and minute, however, their priests do not ignore that the Soul is built with it.

Pregnancy, the birth of children, puberty, and death are celebrated with special esoteric practices.

The Eskimos worship the feminine principle of God.  They love their sublime elder Sedna who lives in the depths of the ocean and sends marine animals for their nourishment.  

Naturally, the learned ignoramuses who do not know anything about occult science laugh at the divine religion of the Eskimos.  

The best canticles and rituals of the Eskimos are for the Divine Mother.  The symbolic journeys of the Shaman (priest) in search of the ancient Sedna (in order to console her when she becomes angered) and the processions that the community perform in order to reconcile her, remind us of the symbolic journeys of the Masonic candidate around the Lodge.  The journeys are the external symbols of the elevation of the candidate’s consciousness through the Superior Worlds. Occult Masonry’s five symbolic journeys are intimately related with the five Initiations of Major Mysteries.  When the profaned ignoramuses see these journeys of the Eskimos, they do nothing but laugh and laugh at what they do not know.  They laugh like idiots; they laugh at what they do not know.

The Eskimos know with perfect exactitude (like a true initiate who has awakened his sixth sense also knows) that genies, elves, gnomes, giants, salamanders of fire, undines etc., exist.  Fortunately, after official science accepted hypnotism and baptized it with the new name of hypnology, it has to accept clairvoyance as a logical consequence.  Only in this way is it possible to explain to ourselves how a subject in a hypnotic state can see through a wall or can inform about events which sometimes are happening thousands of kilometers away.

What science rejects today, it accepts tomorrow.  Today those who laugh at Paracelsus and the Eskimos because of the elementals, gnomes, pygmies, salamanders, genies, undines, sylphs, etc., will have to laugh at themselves and blush in shame when these creatures are rediscovered by science. Who would have believed only five years ago in the glass snake? Now, in 1961, a famous scientist, one of those who previously described himself as incredulous, has just discovered the famous glass snake.  This snake has the power to drop its tail at will in cases of danger, easily being able to regenerate it afterwards.  When the glass snake finds itself in danger, attacked by some animal, it coils up, becomes rigid and throws itself over the animal. It then instantly abandons its tail and its head escapes in a flash. The animal is distracted by the snake’s tail while the snake’s head saves itself.  Later a new tail grows from the head.  Thus, this is how everything is; Nature has many marvels.  Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to respect all religions, because they are but forms of a single universal religion.  Tremendous truths and cosmic sciences are contained within every religion; these are unknowable for the learned ignoramuses of this barbaric age.

All those who want to attain in depth Realization of the Self must work in their laboratory with sulfur (fire), azoth (air), the human being (water), and the bull (earth). These four elements form a cross. The alchemist who follows the path of the Perfect Matrimony must transmute the lead into gold within the profound caverns of the great mountain range (the dorsal spine).

In this great mountain range live the Gnomes, the guardians of all the treasures of the earth, the great alchemists who transmute lead into gold.

The Gnomes work with the Salamanders of fire, with the Sylphs of the air, and the voluptuous Undines of the pure waters of life. The ardent Salamanders fertilize the boisterous Undines, and the happy and playful Sylphs animate the fire of the laboratory’s furnace (the chakra called the Church of Ephesus) so that the water (semen) evaporates from within its container (the sex).  The seminal vapors rise through the chimney to the distillery (the brain).  There, the Gnomes perform the great distillation, perfectly transmuting the remaining lead into gold.

It is necessary to transmute the lead of the personality into the gold of the Spirit.  Only in this way can we again utter the very pure rising of the divine language.  Our motto is Thelema (willpower).

We need to pass through the five great Initiations of Fire, symbolized by the three degrees of occult Masonry.  We need to return, to go back to the divine wisdom of distant Thule.  Much has been said about this distant Thule, the land of the Gods.  The forefathers of the Eskimos and the Aztecs are inhabited there.  Quetzalcoatl lives there.  From Thule he came, and to Thule he returned.  

The Emperor Monteczuma sent a group of ambassador magicians to that mysterious Thule.  They went in Jinn state, that is to say, they travelled within the fourth dimension. Distant Thule is the sacred land, the sacred island, the first continent which existed and the last which shall cease to exist. That continent is found in the polar ice cap of the north, within the fourth dimension. The Aztec magicians sent by Monteczuma arrived there in Jinn State, carrying presents for the forefathers of the Aztecs. On their return, they brought a message for Monteczuma and the Aztecs, which we could synthesize as follows: “If you do not stop your passions, cruelties and vices, you will be punished. White men will come from the sea and will conquer you and destroy you.”  All this was fulfilled with the arrival of the Spaniards in Mexico.

The subject matter about the fourth dimension and a sacred land within this fourth dimension at the North Pole, may make the learned ignoramuses laugh. Indeed, they have not studied all the dimensions of space. It is unfortunate that mathematics cannot define the dimensions of space. “Every mathematical expression always corresponds to a realization of realities.” This is how one thinks with formal logic.  Fortunately though, a dialectic logic exists, this would permit us to use mathematics in order to define the six fundamental dimensions of the universe.

Generally, the dimensions are represented by powers: the first, second, third, fourth, etc. It was precisely this that provided a base for Hinton to construct his famous theory of tesseracts, or tetra-dimensional solids [(A4), A raised to the fourth power].  This is the representation of dimensions in the form of powers.  Many authors consider that mathematics have nothing to do with dimensions, because there is no difference between the dimensions.  This concept appears false to us.  We believe that the difference between dimensions is obvious, and that the entire universe is made up according to the law of numbers, measure, and weight.  What happens is that whilst the mind is bottled up in formal logic, we will limit the use of mathematics to the three dimensional world.  We urgently need dialectic logic in order to be able to consider the representation of dimensions by powers as something logical.  This is only possible dialectically with dialectic logic.

Metageometry studies “superior space.” Metageometry is destined to totally replace Euclidean geometry. Indeed, Euclidean geometry only serves to investigate the properties of a particular physical space. However, if we want to abandon the study of the fourth vertical, it is obvious that physics will be halted in its progress.

The vital secret of all mechanics is found in the fourth coordinate.

Metageometry has the merit of considering the three dimensional world as a section of a superior space.  A point from the tridimensional space is only a section or slice of a metageometrical line.  With formal logic, it is impossible to consider metageometric lines as distances between points in our space.  Thus, it is impossible to represent them by forming figures in our space.  Nevertheless, with dialectic logic, metageometric lines have distances between points of our space, and we can represent them with figures and qualities.  Therefore, it is not absurd to state that the continent of the North Pole belongs to the fourth dimension.  Neither would it be an absurdity at the light of the dialectic logic thought to affirm that this continent is inhabited by people who have physical bodies.  We can even design a map of this continent and this would be accepted by dialectic logic.  Formal logic on the other hand, besides considering our affirmations an absurdity, would veritably lead us into error.

Indeed, the tridimensionality of the world exists in our psyche, in our receptive apparatus.  It is also in our psyche where we can all find the marvels of the supradimensional, if we develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc., that is to say, if we perfect our psychic apparatus.  We can study the superior dimensions of Nature only through the development of our powers of inner perception.  

Comparable to the Great Wall of China, materialistic positivism has built a great wall around free investigations. Now, the learned ignoramuses condemn all that which delves in contradiction against that wall as anti-scientific.  

Materialistic positivism is conservative and reactionary.  We, the Gnostics, are revolutionaries and we totally reject reactionary and conservative ideas.

Emmanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, considers space to be a property of the receptivity of the world through our consciousness.

“We carry within ourselves the conditions of our space, and therefore, within ourselves we will find the conditions that allow us to establish correlations between our space and superior space.”

When the microscope was invented, the world of the infinitely small was opened up to us.  In the same way the world of the fourth dimension will be opened to us with the awakening of the sixth sense.

Those who have developed the sixth sense can study the Akashic Records of Nature and discover for themselves the reality of the northern polar continent.

The First Root Race that existed in the world was of a dark color. This was the Protoplasmic Root Race, the androgynous race who reproduced themselves through the fissiparous sexual act (similar to reproduction by cellular division).

The First Root Race lived within the fourth dimension of space. The planet Earth itself was then submerged within the fourth dimension.  That Root Race had a gigantic civilization; the Language of Gold was spoken and they wrote with runic letters.  These letters are of great esoteric power.  In that epoch, the Angel Uriel wrote a precious cosmic book with runic letters.  We can only study this book in the Akashic Records.

The kind of perception and representation that the people of the First Root Race had was not as subjective as the perception and representation that this present humanity has.  These polar people had clear and perfect objective representations and perceptions.  They could see bodies completely and exactly.  The people of this day and age can only see sides, angles, faces, surfaces, etc.  Presently, nobody sees complete bodies.  People of this day and age are degenerated; therefore, they only have incomplete, subjective perceptions and representations that are completely degenerated and subjective.

We need to return to the point of departure and regenerate our psychic apparatus through Sexual Magic and internal meditation in order to re-conquer the objective representations and perceptions.

It is urgent to eliminate all those subjective elements from our representations and perceptions.  This is possible by improving the quality of the representations with the technique of meditation and by regenerating the psychic apparatus with Sexual Magic.

The cradle of occult wisdom is in the north and not in the orient as some orientalists suppose.

The Eskimos conserve many religious traditions that are worth investigating seriously.

Archimedes stated, “Give me a fulcrum strong enough and a lever long enough and I shall move the world.” Archimedes searched for a lever in order to move the universe.  This lever exists.  Eliphas Levi states that this lever is the Astral Light.  We prefer to speak more clearly and declare that the lever of Archimedes is the Kundalini.  

Whosoever develops the Kundalini can place his body of flesh and bone into the fourth dimension in order to transport himself to distant Thule, the land of the Gods.  Whosoever knows how to pray and ask the Mother Kundalini, could sincerely beg her to put him within the fourth dimension and transport him to the sacred island.  The Kundalini is the lever of Archimedes, the lever with which we can place ourselves inside the fourth dimension in order to travel with our physical bodies.  

The invention of the lever immediately differentiated primitive man from the animal, and in fact, was linked with the real appearance of concepts.  If we psychically comprehend the action of the lever in depth, we then discover with amazement that it consists of the construction of a correct syllogism.  Whosoever does not know how to correctly construct a syllogism, can not totally comprehend the action of a lever.  The syllogism in the psychic sphere is literally the same thing as the lever in the physical sphere.  Indeed, we can asseverate that the beings who live on Earth are divided into two groups: those who know the action of the lever and those who do not know this action.

The human being needs the lever of Archimedes, the super-Astral serpent, in order to place himself inside the fourth dimension and transport himself with his body to the Land of the Gods.

The path that leads us to a superior order of things in the superior dimensions of space is found when mathematics has renounced the fundamental axioms of identity and difference.

The great writer P. O. stated, “In the world of the infinite and variable magnitudes, a magnitude may not be equal to itself.  One part can be equal to the whole, and of two equal magnitudes, one can be infinitely greater than the other.”

Indeed, the former statement can seem a complete absurdity when we study this matter in the light of mathematics of constant and finite numbers. Nevertheless, it is true, the plain truth, and nothing but the truth, that the mathematics of constant and finite numbers is in itself the calculus of the relations that exist between nonexistent magnitudes, that is, the calculus of the absurd.  Therefore, we can completely asseverate that what appears as absurd from the point of view of these mathematics may indeed be true, even though people do not believe it.

On one occasion, a famous penologist stated, “To discover truth we have to renounce logic.”  In part, this lawyer spoke the truth, but partially he did not.  Indeed, we have to renounce formal logic, but not logic, because logic is the art of correct thinking.  If we stop thinking correctly, clearly we fall into the absurd.  In his Critique of Pure Reasoning, Emmanuel Kant showed us the path of transcendental logic.  Prior to Bacon and the famous Aristotle, in the archaic scriptures of the sacred land of the Vedas, formulae for a superior logic were already given.  These formulae were written in very ancient books.  This logic is dialectic logic.  This is intuitive logic, the logic of ecstasy, the logic of the infinite.  This logic existed long before deductive or inductive logic were formulated.  When the human being dominates this marvelous key of the mind called dialectic logic, he can then open the mysterious door of the world of natural causes without the risk of falling into error.  The axioms of dialectic logic can only be formulated during ecstasy.

If, indeed we want to deeply comprehend the multidimensional world and visit the sacred land of the Gods situated in the northern polar cap, we urgently need to hurl everything out from within the temple of our mind, hurl all the intellectual idols that have become axioms.  We need to emancipate the mind, to liberate it from formal logic, which is only good for Moliere and his caricatures.

The Jinn Lands, the marvels hidden within a Thousand and One Nights, the golden countries inhabited by the ineffable Gods of dawn, become a tremendous reality when we find the lever of Archimedes.  We leap into the fourth dimension supported by this mysterious lever.  

The hour to liberate the mind and to awaken the Kundalini has arrived.  The moment for the human being to learn how to pass into the fourth dimension at will, any time he wishes to do so has arrived.  If someone who has awakened the Kundalini would supplicate his Kundalini in the moments of falling asleep, asking to be placed into the fourth dimension and to be transported towards the sacred island of the North Pole, you could be sure dear reader, that the miracle would inevitably occur.  The only thing that the initiate needs is to know how to get himself up from bed whilst conserving sleep.  The snake will help him with everything when he also knows how to help himself.

“Help thyself so that I will help thee.”