Sexual Abstention

Esoteric investigations performed in my astral body have allowed me to verify that those people who renounce sex (without having previously worked in the magisterium of fire, without having achieved the Second Birth) charge themselves with terribly malignant Poisoninioskirian vibrations.

It is urgent to know, it is necessary to comprehend, that after having totally saturated the lunar bodies these unusual types of pernicious vibrations have the power of awakening the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Any abstinent person already poisoned by these types of Poisoninioskirian vibrations characterizes himself by a fatal dualism of expert cynicism and a high degree of fanaticism.

Within the infernal worlds live many mistaken ascetics, many abstinent people who have renounced sex without previously having built the solar bodies in the ninth sphere, without having previously reached the Second Birth.

The path that leads into the abyss is paved with good intentions. The Averno is filled with mistaken but sincere people.

Within this painful planet on which we live, there are many asleep pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist people who dream that they have awakened; meanwhile, they do not comprehend that they are trapped in the paws of the dream of their consciousness, and that many shadows of vengeance are lurking in their interior.

Those wretched people, who boast of being illuminated, have renounced sex without having previously worked in the ninth sphere, without having attained the Second Birth that the master Jesus spoke about to Nicodemus.

The outcome of such absurd sexual abstention is always fatality. Those abstemious people always have their consciousness asleep, because if they had their consciousness awakened, they could prove by direct experience the tremendous activity of the malignant Poisoninioskirian vibrations within their lunar bodies. This is how they would finally see, with unutterable terror, the frightful development of the abominable Kundabuffer organ within their submerged animal nature.

Those mistaken but sincere people do not want to comprehend that whosoever wants to ascend must first of all descend.

Mystical pride is a characteristic of the interior Pharisee. These are people who boast of being initiates, saints, and wise, who renounce sex without having previously built the solar bodies, without having previously worked in the ninth sphere, without previously reaching the Second Birth; thus, they wind up developing the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

It is difficult to take these mistaken but sincere people away from their error, since they feel themselves to be super-transcended; they boast about being gods without ever having placed a foot on the first rung of the holy ladder.

Certain types of infrasexuals of Lilith damn the Third Logos, they mortally hate sex; thus they do not have any problem with applying their wicked qualifications unto sex.

Infrasexual people get enraged against the gnostics because we give special preference to sex.

Every infrasexual person boasts about being wise, thus as usual, they view the sexually normal people in a very despicable way and qualify them as inferior or mistaken people, etc.

The great arcanum that is so hated by infrasexual people is found very well hidden between the two Masonic columns J and B.

The study of the sacred novenary always concludes with the pointed cubic stone, which in itself unites (on its nine marvelous sides) the entire perfection of the cube and the equilibrated elevation of the pyramid with a quadrangular base.

By intelligently opening the sacred philosophical stone and by extending its marvelous and splendid faces, then with mystical astonishment, we obtain twice the sacred symbol of the holy cross. The union of the two crosses is the perfect expression of the magisterium of fire. The first cross is formed with the five square sides that are constituted by the four faces plus the bottom face of the stone, and the second cross by the four triangles of its pyramidal vertex.

Every true initiate knows very well that the first quadrilateral cross symbolizes nature with its four elements that are developed as crystallizations of Akash, Mulaprakriti, or universal ens seminis.

It has been wisely stated to us that the second cross (formed by the four ternaries or splendid esoteric triangles which emanate from a center or original point) is the esoteric cross, a living expression of the Triune Logos that is crucified in matter.

Upon this living stone of the temple situated between the columns of Adam Kadmon, plus ultra is found, the clue of the realization of the Innermost Self.

The philosophical stone is sex. It is the cubic stone of Yesod. Therefore, it is dumb to want to convert ourselves into a column of the temple of the living God without previously having chiseled the brute stone.

In other words, no one can attain mastery, adepthood, without having previously worked in the ninth sphere.

The pointed cubic stone has nine faces, nine vertexes, and sixteen edges.

The pointed cubic stone is telling us that every elevation requires a previous humiliation. Firstly, it is essential to descend into the infernal worlds, into the ninth circle under the surface of the Earth, in order to have the right to ascend into heaven.

It is impossible to enter into the kingdom if the laws of the cubic stone of Yesod are violated.

Those who renounce sex without having previously attained the Second Birth violate the laws of the holy stone.

The innocent souls who live on the other shore of the evil river, those sublime mystics, those venerable sages, those patriarchs who live in Limbo for the crime of having renounced sex (without having previously built the solar bodies), avoided the Poisoninioskirian vibrations behind the protective shield of their sanctity.

It is stupid to renounce sex without having previously achieved the Second Birth. It is absurd to violate the laws of the holy stone.

The innocent souls of Limbo need to reincorporate in order to work in the ninth sphere and attain the Second Birth; only then can they enter into the kingdom.

The “way to life” is always sexual, whether creating physical life or spiritual life.

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