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The Chakras

The Vowels and the Faculties of the Chakras

In ancient times, the seven vowels of Nature: I E O U A M S resounded within the human organism. But, when humanity came out of the “Jinn” lands, rhythm and harmony were lost.

Therefore, the human being must be aware of the urgent necessity for the seven vowels of Nature to vibrate once again within the organism; they must resound with intensity within the resonating internal chambers, as well as in each of the plexus or chakras of the Astral Body.

Clairvoyance is developed with the vowel I.

Clairaudience is awakened with the vowel E.

The heart center that develops inspiration is developed with the vowel O.

The pulmonary chakra that allows us to remember past reincarnations is developed with the vowel A.

The vowels M and S make all of the internal centers vibrate.

These vowels combined with certain consonants integrate the mantras that facilitate the awakening of all the chakras.

Subsequently, here is a series of these mantras:

First Series of Mantras

CHIS:  Clairvoyance: Ajna chakra

CHES:  Clairaudience: Vishuddha chakra

CHOS:  Intuition: heart, Anahata chakra

CHUS:  Telepathy: solar plexus, chakra Manipura

CHAS:  Memory of past lives: pulmonary chakra


This vocalization must be performed as follows: prolong the sound of each letter; the combination CH (letter Chet) is considerably abundant in Hebrew mantras; it has an immense magical power.

The vocalization of each mantra makes the magnetic center, chakra or disc with which it is related, to vibrate.

The S is intimately connected to fire and is vocalized by giving it a special type of intonation: this is an acute-hissing sound similar to the sound that compressed air brakes of any given machine make.

Second Series of Mantras

IN: Clairvoyance: frontal chakra

EN: Clairaudience: laryngeal chakra

ON: Intuition: heart chakra

UN: Telepathy: solar plexus

AN: Memory of past lives: pulmonary chakra


Prolong the sound of each vowel and give a strong sounding bell-like intonation to the letter N.

Third Series of Mantras

INRI: Clairvoyance: Ajna chakra

ENRE: Clairaudience: Vishuddha chakra

ONRO: Intuition, inspiration: Anahata chakra

UNRU: Telepathy: solar plexus, Manipura chakra

ANRA: Memory of past lives: pulmonary chakra


Vocalize these mantras during the practice of Sexual Magic; prolong the sound of each of the letters that compose them, thus their respective chakras will awaken. The letter R is vocalized as it was explained in chapter 4.

Fourth Series of Mantras

SUIRA: Clairvoyance: frontal chakra

SUERA: Clairaudience: laryngeal chakra

SUORA: Intuition: heart chakra

SUURA: Telepathy: solar plexus

SUARA: Memory of past lives: pulmonary chakra


The student must focus on the accentuation of the vowels and the accentuation of the vowel A in each mantra which forms the fourth series of mantras.

According to the Vedas, the silent Gandharva, the heavenly musician, is contained within the sublime SWARA.

With this fourth series of mantras, the fire of the solar plexus is driven out towards each of the chakras of the Astral Body.

Again, the first mantric syllables of the fourth series of mantras: SUI, SUE, SUO, SUU, SUA are vocalized with the intonation of a diphthong accentuated on the last vowel, which must be prolonged lengthily.

Vocalize the syllable RA of each one of these mantras by giving the R the intonation already explained in chapter four. The vowel of this syllable RA must also be lengthily prolonged.

Insistence on a Few Details

Students must vocalize for one hour daily in order to effectively awaken their chakras. Since every student has their own rhythm, their personal vibration, they will choose any of the four series of mantras mentioned. There will be some students who will feel more confident with the first series, others with the second series, etc.

Dr. Krumm-Heller stated that one hour of daily vocalization was enough. One must vocalize during one’s whole life, this in order to keep the chakras in intense activity!

The coronary chakra engenders polyvoyance.

The frontal chakra, located between the eyebrows, engenders Clairvoyance.

The laryngeal chakra, clairaudience.

The heart chakra grants inspiration and intuition.

The solar plexus chakra, telepathy.

The pulmonary chakra allows us to remember past lives.

The prostatic/uterine chakra grants the power to consciously depart in the Astral Body. Every student must possess such a power, if not, it is mandatory for such a student to awaken this chakra.

Exercise for the Prostatic/Uterine Chakra

While focusing on the prostatic/uterine chakra, the disciple must submerge himself into profound meditation. Imagine the chakra as a lotus flower, as a magnetic disc that spins clockwise while vocalizing the letter M, as when a bull begins to bellow but without decreasing the sound of the M and lengthily sustaining it. In order to provoke such a sound, inhale the air deeply then pronounce the M while having the lips hermetically sealed, until the last particle of breath is exhaled, as follows:


With these four series of mantras, the student can become a practical theurgist.