The Angel Aroch

Invocation of Aroch

One night John projected himself out from within his physical body. Undoubtedly, he was skillful in “Astral projection.” He knew how to “consciously travel” in his Astral Body… he was a competent investigator of the Superior Worlds. Once out of the physical body, John felt himself invaded by an unutterable spiritual voluptuousness. There is no greater pleasure than to feel the Soul “detached” within the Internal Worlds. There, the past and the future merge within an eternal now! There, time does not exist! Hence, John feeling enraptured and following his own mystical inspiration entered through the doors of a temple.

Thus, this marvelous theurgist invoked the Angel Aroch, Angel of Command. He made the invocation in the following manner:

In the name of Christ,

by the power of Christ,

by the majesty of Christ,

I call upon thee Angel Aroch!

Angel Aroch!

Angel Aroch!

The Tenebrous Ones of Drukpa

The outcome of the invocation was astounding: a few moments later, a beautiful boy of about twelve years old entered through the doors of the temple. This was the Angel Aroch! This angel operates through the Ray of Strength, and works intensely with the disciples who tread the path of Adepthood.

Thus, dressed in a white robe, such a precious creature saluted John and sat at his side, before a table in the temple. John then consulted the Angel about certain things and concurrently, he presented the following complaint: certain tenebrous ones from a school of black magic were horribly defaming the Gnostic teachings.

Such tenebrous ones had a university where they studied the Tantric science of the Drukpa clan, the science of the Tibetan red caps. For this tenebrous Tibetan clan, Shamballa (where the Royal White Lodge lives) is “according to them,” a city of terror where the blind fohatic force moves, as well as a thousand other lies!

These people render cult to the goddess Kali and practice the science of the Nicolaitanes, the Tantra of the tenebrous ones…

Defamation against Gnosticism

The Tao Path leads to final liberation; this is the path of the Gnostic Initiates.

What the tenebrous adepts of the Drukpa clan teach is fatality, the shadow of the Tao Path, the antithesis of the Tao Path.

Therefore, the henchmen of such a secret association were launching improper statements against the Gnostic Movement. John therefore suffered unutterably; this is why he presented the complaint to the Angel Aroch! John also showed the Angel a magazine in which Gnosis was violently attacked. The Angel then took a scale and weighed the good and the evil; thereafter the Angel said: “I will take care of this!”

The outcome was astonishing... a few days later that secret society was dissolved and failed completely.

Mantra for Kundalini

After the above mentioned complaint and the promise of intervention by the Angel, John begged the Angel to teach him the most powerful mantra that exists in the entire universe in order to awaken the Kundalini . The Angel then chanted a marvelous mantra, which moved John. It is as follows:

Kandil Bandil Rrrrrrrr…

Vocalization: The first syllables of each sacred word (KAN and BAN) receive a high intonation, soft and prolonged, while the final syllables of these mantras (DIL and DIL) have a respectively low and prolonged intonation. The intonation of the R receives a harmonious and subtly higher vibration than the first mentioned syllables; it is as if a child was trying to imitate the vibratory hum of a motor in motion, or like hearing the hum of a stone sharpener propelled by an electric motor when sharpening a thin steel blade, this is an acute, high sound, with the tendency of producing flute modulations:

Kaaaaannnnn... Diiiiiiiilllllll...

Baaaaannnnn... Diiiiiiiilllllll...


These mantras can be chanted repeatedly, daily, as many times as possible, throughout long periods of time.

After the Angel Aroch chanted these mantras, John, the theurgist also chanted them and the Angel blessed him. Thereafter, the Angel (carrying the Scale of Justice in his hands along with the hostile magazine which John had shown him) withdrew from the precinct.

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