Theurgy, Goeteia and Spiritualism

Theurgy is a science that allows us to invoke the ineffable Beings of the Superior Worlds in order to receive sublime teachings from them.

Let us distinguish between Theurgy, Goeteia, and Spiritualism.

Goeteia teaches us how to invoke the purely tenebrous entities. Goeteia’s invokers are enslaved by the powers of evil.

Spiritism or Spiritualism allows us to communicate with that which is beyond death. This is done through certain passive subjects (mediums). However, it is good to know that only the shadows of the deceased come into the spiritualist centers. These shadows are composed of the psychological “I” of the deceased. Therefore, it is very seldom that the Soul or the Spirit of the ones who have passed away enter into the body of a medium. Only the disincarnated psychological “I” of those who died, in other words, the shadow of our beloved relatives who died penetrates into the body of a medium... That is all.

By manifesting themselves through the mental, astral, and physical bodies of the mediums, the shadows of the deceased produce the dislocation of their mental and astral vehicles. The consequences can be insanity, paralysis, etc.

After this short preamble, we will fully enter into our superior studies of Theurgy.

The theurgist must know how to consciously travel in the Astral Body, since the theurgic invocations are performed in the Astral Plane. Invocations of High Theurgy can also be performed in the most elevated worlds of cosmic consciousness.

The theurgist must be skillful within the Astral World. The theurgist has to consciously depart within his Astral Body. Therefore, before entering the field of Theurgic invocations, we must first of all learn how to “enter” and “leave” the physical body at will.

Indeed, the Astral Body is the garment of the Soul . Within the Astral Body we have the Mind, the Will, the Conscience, and the Spirit.

There is a moment during which we can abandon our physical body at will. That moment is the state of slumber, which begins when we are falling asleep. Thus, in those moments of transition between vigil and sleep, every human being, wrapped with their Astral Body, escapes the physical body. There is a clue which allows us to consciously escape from the physical body in order to work within the Superior Worlds. The Divine Master Jesus Christ practiced this clue during his studies in the pyramid of Kefren, as follows:

When the great Master rested upon his bed (face up, horizontally), he placed the soles of his feet on the bed, thus his knees were raised. Thereafter, the Master raised his arms above his head until the palms of his hands touched, one against the other; then he extended his arms to the right and left; finally, he crossed his arms over his chest (right over left). This is how he formed the Microcosmic Star with his arms. Sequentially, the Master entered into a slumber state by vocalizing the powerful mantra “Faraon.” This mantra is vocalized in three syllables, as follows:


The Master vocalized this mantra many times, until falling asleep.

This simple and easy procedure is a marvelous key, which will allow us to awaken consciousness within the Superior Worlds. Thus, this is how we awaken consciousness in the Internal Worlds. Then, we feel light... We float deliciously...

When we have become cognizant within the Internal Worlds, we can then dedicate ourselves fully to the works of High Theurgy.

Dr. Krumm-Heller advised, also, that for the exercises of Astral Body projection, it is advisable to perfume the room or bedroom with good incense, or rose essence, etc.

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