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Second Invocation

After having finished the esoteric investigation of the first invocation of that great “Conjuration of the Seven” (which King Solomon the Sage bequeathed to us in other times), we decided to investigate the second invocation, which literally reads as follows:

In the name of Gabriel, may Adonai command thee, and drive thee hence, Bael!

We know that Gabriel is a Lunar Angel! We know that Adonai is a precious Angel!

However, we ignored who Bael could be! Why would Bael be conjured in the name of Adonai? These were enigmas for us, which we needed to resolve!

One night, while in the Astral Body, we invoked Bael. Bael was a tenebrous king who lived in a cavern in the Gobi dessert. There he instructed his disciples. He taught the black magic of the sublunar spheres. Adonai, the Son of Light and Happiness, is his opposite.

These two antitheses of philosophy are intimately related with the two rays of the Moon.

Bael’s presence was awfully, exceedingly tenebrous: crowned as king, he had firm and widely spaced eyes with bushy eyebrows, a flat nose, thick lips, and a round face. He was dressed in the robe of a black magician. Wounded by our conjuration, he trembled before us. We could not establish a friendship with him because his character was unapproachable.

On another night, we, the investigators, invoked Adonai, Son of Light and Happiness. He who resembled an infant of a few months old attended our call; he attacked us with a sinister and terrible force! We had to appeal to all of our psychic and spiritual forces to try to overcome him. However, everything was useless! That child was endowed with an omnipotent force…! Then, someone told us to stretch out our hand to him in a friendly manner and so we did. We stretched out our hand towards him with the intention of greeting him. He then fraternally answered our greeting and shook our hand. This was the Guardian of the Threshold of the Angel Adonai, Son of Light and Happiness.

What is most intriguing is to think that the Angel Adonai (who in spite of his immense perfection) still conserves the Guardian of the Threshold, the psychological “I,” the reincarnating ego that we must all decapitate and dissolve in order to incarnate the Internal Christ within us.

How difficult it is to achieve perfection.

An Angel as precious as Adonai, and yet, it is hard to even think that he still continues with the psychological “I” (a bunch of old memories...).

On another night, the most profound night, the quietest night... we, the investigators, invoked the Angel Adonai. The precious Angel sent us a divine gift (with other Angels). It was a medallion, which hung from a golden chain! Such a medallion confers upon us the power to switch cosmic planes instantaneously. With that precious treasure we can enter into any department of the Kingdom. We established a very good friendship with the precious Angel Adonai, the Son of Light and Happiness, the Master of Zanoni.

We all know that Zanoni received his cosmic Initiation in the Tower of Fire in the ancient Chaldea of the sages. Since then, Zanoni received the Elixir of Long Life and was able to preserve his same physical body for millions of years... Nonetheless, the great Master Zanoni allowed himself to fall; he fell in love with an artist from Naples! Thus, the outcome of his error was the guillotine, which is where the great Master died!

We the investigators, learned many things, ineffable wisdom from the Angel Adonai.

On a certain occasion, Adonai, the Son of Light and Happiness, and the Master Zanoni, came to us. Waiting, one of us became somewhat astonished when both Adonai and Zanoni told the astonished investigator to cut a strange thread that was on the ground with his sword. Thus, the astonished investigator, between perplexity and happiness, obeyed and cut the thread with his flaming sword. Once this work was accomplished, we understood that he had been liberated from some fatal sorcery, from a bad current, from an act of black magic... Someone had harmed him with those evil arts, and had caused him great harm.

Thereafter, both the Master Zanoni and Adonai healed the investigator’s Astral Body and cured him.

As for king Bael, through subsequent works we had to submerge him into the Abyss (we were obeying supreme orders). That tenebrous personage used his powers in order to cause great harm to humanity. Indeed, Bael is the head of a legion, and must be conjured in the name of his antithesis, Adonai, the Son of Light and Happiness.

To end this chapter, we must warn the imprudent to never invoke the tenebrous ones because this is extremely dangerous…! We needed to invoke those tenebrous entities in order to investigate the “Conjuration of the Seven” of King Solomon the sage; this was an important matter, this is why we had to perform these types of investigations. These types of tenebrous entities are invoked with the Conjuration of Peter of Apono.

Nevertheless, we warn you that the Angels of Light, the Ineffable Beings, cannot be invoked with the Appellation of Peter of Apono. Angels must be invoked in the name of Christ, by the power of Christ, by the glory of Christ.

May the imprudent be careful! May they not commit the error of invoking demons, because this could lead them to disgrace! If we the investigators were able to perform these investigations it is because we are very skillful in the use and maneuvering of the Astral Body.

Nevertheless, we always found ourselves in great and terrible danger!