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Fourth Invocation

Continuing with our investigations of High Theurgy, we will now study the fourth invocation of the “Conjuration of the Seven.” This invocation is as follows:

By Samael Sabaoth, and in the name of Elohim Gibor, get thee hence, Andrameleck!

Who could Andrameleck be? Who could Elohim Gibor be? Why are these genii mentioned in this fourth conjuration of King Solomon? All these enigmas disquieted us. Only by means of High Theurgy can these types of investigation be done.

Samael is the Genie of Mars. But who could Elohim Gibor and Andrameleck be?

One night, we projected ourselves in the Astral Body; thus, we entered a subterranean cavern. Once there, by making use of the grand Appellation of Peter of Apono, we invoked Andrameleck. For a long time we remained performing the invocation within that subterranean cavern of the Earth.

Finally, a personage, black as coal, appeared in the middle of that cavern; it was a gigantic personage, tenebrous and horrible. By extending our right hand towards that horrible monster, we exclaimed:

In the name of Jupiter, the father of the Gods, I conjure thee Andrameleck!  TE VIGOS CO SLIM!

The outcome was astounding. That demon, mortally wounded by the terrible ray of divine justice, remained under our dominion. It was then that Andrameleck spoke and said, “I did not know that you were the one calling me! If I had known it, I would have come earlier! What is it that I can do for you?”

These words uttered by Andrameleck seemed to blare from within the profound caverns of the entire Earth. It seemed that his terrible and powerful voice blared from within the very inner center of the Earth! We then courageously spoke to Andrameleck as follows, “Give me your hand, Andrameleck!”

The tenebrous personage drew near onto us in order to greet us with his hand. Then the author of this book returned into his physical body. Then, that demon, with his blood-red-colored robe, passed over the roof of my house and exclaimed, “You were afraid of me! You were afraid of me!”

I answered, “I am not afraid of you, Andrameleck! I just returned into my body, that is all.”

Another night, a group of brothers, in our Astral Bodies met in a temple in order to continue our investigation in relation with that mysterious personage, Andrameleck, mentioned by Solomon the sage in the “Conjuration of the Seven.”

By applying Peter of Apono’s formula, we, the brothers, all made a great chain in order to invoke Andrameleck. After a period of invocations, we heard Andrameleck’s answer in the distance. A strange, profoundly frozen wind! A hurricane blew near to us! That personage modulated the vowel “M.” He gave a special intonation with low and high tones to that letter... The brothers remained firm in the chain. Suddenly, one of the brothers who directed the chain exclaimed with a loud voice: “Brethren, do not release the chain! Remain firm! Andrameleck is approaching!”

Some moments later, a giant appeared at the threshold (entrance) of the door. That giant was about three or four meters tall. That strange personage wore a black robe, yet, a white strip fell obliquely from his right shoulder down to his left thigh, passing on the front and on the back. He had a huge medallion on his chest and was carrying a scepter of command in his right hand. That personage had a wide forehead, big blue eyes, which were reflecting the starry heaven; his nose was straight, he had fine, delicate lips, white hands, with cone shaped fingers. His elongated hands had the mystical contour similar to those hands of Jesus of Nazareth or Francis of Assisi... The brother who was leading the chain released it and drew near to Andrameleck in order to embrace and greet him.

Thereafter, he turned towards the brethren of the chain and told them, “Brethren, allow me to introduce my friend Andrameleck to you!”

All the brethren were trembling. One of them, being incapable of resisting the terrible electric force radiated by the eyes of Andrameleck, hastily left. Terrified, he ran away!

That marvelous giant, filled with a great decency and with courteous and delicate manners, stretched out his hand in order to courteously greet each and every one of the brethren. Afterwards, he drew near to a desk, and sat on a chair before the desk. It was quite remarkable to contemplate that strange giant, possessing so much courtesy, so much decency, and so much harmony.  Yet, it caused melancholy to see the profoundness behind that marvelous giant, in other words, the seeming memory of a fatal shadow. Nonetheless, the scepter, which that giant carried, the medallion on his chest, and all his gestures, were really of the White Lodge. Thus, seated before the desk, Andrameleck called the brother who led the chain and advised him with the following words, “Exert yourself, brother... Place yourself in the best possible environment. Dress decently! You must comprehend that we are Angels and therefore, we have the full right to live well!

Then the interlocutor brother asked Andrameleck for his consent as follows, “Master, excuse me, I have to go and look for brother X” (the brother who left the temple earlier)

Thus, the brother who directed the chain left, in the Astral Body, traveling to all the countries of the Earth, looking for the brother who had fled. He wanted that brother to speak to Andrameleck. Yet, it was useless! Such a search was fruitless... Brother X was nowhere to be found! Where could he be? Where could he have gone? Enigmas, enigmas!

Thus, the brother who was the director of the chain returned once again to the temple where Andrameleck was. However, it was no longer possible for him to talk to that marvelous giant, because many people (in their Astral Bodies) were consulting him. Then, the brother who directed the chain returned to his physical body.

Once within his body, that brother rose very early in the morning, ate his breakfast and left for the street... in search of brother X.

Well then, beloved reader, allow me to tell you now that the director of the chain went in search of brother X, who in the physical plane was an old businessman; thus, it was very easy for the director of the chain to find him in his store. Certainly, he found him there!

Brother X was busy attending to the commerce of his store. The director of the chain, after courteously greeting his friend, questioned him as follows, “Well, brother, tell me why you fled from Andrameleck’s sight?”

Then brother X answered him, “Indeed, I could not resist Andrameleck’s sight! He looked at me with a terrible electric force! I could not bear it! I was afraid and I fled!”

It was then that the director of the chain asked brother X, “Man, I looked for you in the Astral Body everywhere, and I did not find you!”

Brother X responded, “You did not find me because I returned to my body!”

That whole Sunday, the two men discussed the matter of Andrameleck. That giant was an enigma to the two investigators. Could Andrameleck be a black magician? Could Andrameleck be a white magician? Enigmas! Enigmas! Enigmas!

Indeed, that entire matter was enigmatic. The two men decided, each on his own, to investigate Andrameleck.

Thus, after some time, they came to the following conclusion:

The Spirit who attended the chain was really the Master Andrameleck. A Master of the White Lodge! A Master of Major Mysteries! It so happened that this Master sent his Bodhisattva (his Human Soul) to reincarnate!

Remember that the Spirit is and the Soul is acquired. Thus, the Soul, the Bodhisattva, reincarnated in China. Unfortunately, this Bodhisattva allowed himself to fall!

Lo and behold, the mystery of the “double human personality,” one of the major mysteries of occultism. Bodhisattvas fall because of sex! They fornicate. They ejaculate the seminal liquor. Thus, this is how the fiery serpent of our magical powers, the Kundalini, descends towards the atomic infernos of the Human Being. This is how Bodhisattvas fall... Nonetheless, the Master, in other words, the Innermost, the Spirit can never fall. Therefore, the one who fell was the Bodhisattva of the Master Andrameleck!

What is worse regarding this Bodhisattva is that he dedicated himself to black magic. The outcome of all this conduct was that the Master withdrew his Will-Soul, Human Soul, the Fifth Principle of the Human Being, the Causal Body or Superior Manas of Theosophy.

Thereafter, only the inferior quaternary formed by the Physical, Ethereal, Astral, and Mental vehicles was left living in China. Such an inferior quaternary is, in fact, a soulless entity, a Kabbalistic cortex... an empty shell where the Soul no longer lives, where the immortal principle of every human being no longer inhabits! These Kabbalistic cortexes are abodes of the psychological I (Satan). Indeed... these are demons!

Therefore, that man transformed himself into a demon! Thus, when the Investigator invokes Andrameleck in the Astral, Andrameleck, the demon, or Andrameleck, the grand spiritual Master, can appear.

Much later, we, the investigators invoked Andrameleck and Elohim Gibor. They appeared to our call. We then saw the two antitheses face to face! Elohim Gibor is the antithesis of the tenebrous Andrameleck. Elohim Gibor is a full Archangel of the Ray of Mars! He carries the flaming sword at his waist, and is a terribly divine male.

When Andrameleck attacked us, we overcame him easily. Then, lying in his bed of pain, he told us that in China, he used a small ampoule named KINOCAPOL, with which he instantly awakens the clairvoyance in his disciples (of course, this type of clairvoyance only lasts as long as the effect of the injection! That is all). The demon Andrameleck is a businessman in China! He lives economically well. This personage of darkness lives in the Abyss.

After hearing this story, a friend of ours asked us the following, “Therefore, Andrameleck no longer has an Innermost? When he passes away, will he only ascend to the Causal Plane? Will he have another body in another reincarnation?”

We then answered the following, “Andrameleck no longer has a physical body. The giant who came to the chain was precisely the Innermost of Andrameleck. That Innermost no longer has any relationship with the tenebrous man who lives in China. When the man Andrameleck (who lives in China) passes away, then this soulless monster will not be able to rise to the Causal Plane, nor to the Superior Worlds, because he is a “Soulless” entity; he is a Kabbalistic shell, an empty house. He does not have a Soul, nor does he have a Spirit.

“Those Kabbalistic cortexes sink into the atomic infernos of Nature for centuries; little by little they degenerate and lose strength. Later they take the form of horrible animals of the Abyss, afterwards, the form of plants and finally, mineral form, which in the process of disintegration will be deprived of intelligence. Thus, finally, they become cosmic dust! This is the “Second Death” mentioned in the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation).

“Fornicators, in the end, after all, have to pass through the “Second Death.” Fornicators are people of black magic! Whosoever ejaculates the seminal liquor is a fornicator, and a sure candidate for the Abyss and the “Second Death.”

“Andrameleck will become cosmic dust within the Abyss. Disintegration in the Abyss is very slow and dreadful. Many times, those tenebrous ones sustain themselves for eternities, during entire Cosmic Days and Nights. Yet, they disintegrate little by little and finally die!

“Andrameleck will not have a physical body again! He is a terribly perverse demon. The Internal Master suffered horribly, and of course, he will have to pay a great Karma for having created that demon.”

Our interlocutor then asked us the following question, “Is the Innermost Andrameleck guilty of the evil deeds of Andrameleck the demon and of the karma which this demon has to pay?”

We had to answer him as follows, “The Innermost is an Immolated Lamb and will have to pay for that Tantric ex-personality! The Innermost, the Inner Master, will have to reincarnate in order to pay the karma of his ex-personality. The Law is the Law. That Master lacked the strength in order to control that tenebrous human personality. When the Spirit overcomes matter, he is victorious. That is all...”