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The Initiation of Tiphereth

"For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."- Matthew 12:40

Extraordinary events happen with Tiphereth. Anyone can receive the initiations of Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzach, and then, finally, the fifth initiation, which is related with Tiphereth, in order to become a master. Someone can receive the fifth initiation of the Human Soul and for this reason become a master. Nonetheless, this one does not attain the Initiation of Tiphereth.

The Initiation of Tiphereth comes properly after the Fifth Initiation of Fire. The one who receives the fifth initiation does not always have the joy of attaining the Initiation of Tiphereth. This is a very secret initiation and is received by the one who takes the Direct Path.

In the second triangle of the Tree of Life, the Cosmic Christ has Tiphereth as its center of gravity. The Christ manifests itself in this center.

There are things that deserve to be reflected upon, analyzed, and comprehended. In order for the Second Logos, Vishnu or the Cosmic Christ, to be the savior of a human being, it has to convert itself into the particular intimate Jesus Christ.

Christ in itself is a cosmic force, and this force can save a human being only if in some way this force is humanized.

Sacrifice for humanity is the law of the Solar Logos, the Cosmic Christ. It has been sacrificing itself since the dawn of life by crucifying itself within all the worlds, within every planet that emerges into existence, in order for all the beings to have life and to have this life in abundance.

Christ can reincarnate within us only after we have passed through the five Initiations of Major Mysteries, and only as a very special grace when we have sacrificed ourselves for humanity. In order to understand how this cosmic force is humanized within ourselves, one must learn how to handle the trimurtis.

There are students who exercise a lot of work in order to understand the trimurtis. For example, they are accustomed to think in terms of the First Logos, Second Logos, and Third Logos, or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But another, second, trimurti comes after this, in which we speak of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, and here is where students become confused. This is really because the conversion of one trimurti into another trimurti cannot be performed based on pure rationalism. There is a factor which is completely spiritual related with the conversion of Trimurtis, because only intuitively can this be learned, captured, grasped.

Kether / Father, Chokmah / Son, and Binah / Holy Spirit are three distinct persons and only one true God. This is how theology teaches this. These three persons, even when they are three, in depth are only one, who is the Father. The Son and the Holy Spirit are within the Father, in the same way as the body, the soul and the Spirit are within the true human being. Thus, within the Ancient of the Centuries, there is also the Son and the Holy Spirit, and they form a unique, integral, unitotal one. In ancient Egypt, that unique unitotal one was called Osiris (see chapter seven).

Osiris can unfold himself, and when he does it he unfolds into Isis. Eve always comes from Adam’s rib, as above, so below; so there is nothing rare in the solar Eve emerging from Osiris, the solar Adam; the solar Eve is the Urania-Venus, the spouse of the solar Adam. Two always comes from one. This is how the Father who is in secret has his spouse, who is the Divine Mother Kundalini. Osiris always has Isis as his spouse.

From the perfect union of these two, Osiris-Isis, the child Horus (Aurus) is born. She and he love each other, and as a result of their love, she conceives the Christ or Second Logos, who descends into her virginal and immaculate womb by the action and grace of the Holy Spirit, meaning by the action and grace of her spouse, the Third Logos.

But we have to take into account that even while she is the spouse of the Third Logos, within the Third Logos is the Second Logos and also the First Logos, because in the end, the Logos is the undividable, unitotal, and integral triune. A lot of subtleness is needed in order to understand this, a lot of refinement, synthesism, and intuition.

The conversion of trimurtis, one into another, is something that gives a lot of work to the students, but if you sharpen your intuition a little bit you will understand.

From the divine and holy copulation, Isis is impregnated by a sacred conception. She is a virgin before giving childbirth, within childbirth and after childbirth. Isis is our own particular Divine Mother Kundalini, Ram-Io.

This is how the advent of the child that in Egypt was called Horus occurs, the child that in Hebraic times was called Yeshua, our beloved Savior. Jesus of the gospels is profoundly significant because Jesus comes from the word Yeshua, which in Hebrew signifies savior.

Jesus, Yeshua, and Horus are the same; he is the child who always is in the arms of his mother Isis or Mary. He is the same Christ who has descended from the Second Logos. He is the Cosmic Christ already humanized and already converted into the child of a divine man and a divine woman. He has converted into a savior-king-child, but he is a particular-king-child, because he is one’s own Being. He is the crowned Child of Gold of Alchemy.

He is Jesus Christ, because Christ is the Second Logos, and Jesus because he has converted into a savior. He has descended from his own sphere and has penetrated into a very pure and virginal womb in order to be converted into a savior, and to be born by the action and grace of the Holy Spirit. Actually, he has become the child of the Divine Mother, in actual fact, the child of his own parents.

Undoubtedly, we must distinguish between Jesus Christ the great Kabir — who was the man who preached the doctrine of the intimate Christ of each one of us — and the individual, particular Jesus Christ of each one of us.

The Cosmic Christ is impersonal and universal and is beyond individuality, personality, and the “I.” It is a cosmic force that expresses himself through any human being who is properly prepared. Once it expressed itself through Jesus of Nazareth and likewise through Hermes Trismegistus, Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni, Quetzalcoatl, etc. It can express itself through any avatar. In order to express itself, it has to descend from the superior spheres and enter a virgin’s womb, a virgin called Isis, Mary, Tonantzin, Insoberta, Maya, Cybele, etc., who is the same particular Cosmic Mother, because everyone has their own.

When one reads the Epistles of the Apostle Paul, one can verify for oneself with astonishment that the Apostle Paul very seldom mentions Jesus the great Kabir or the historic Christ. Paul always mentions an intimate Christ.

In order for the intimate Christ or the humanized Yeshua to be born within ourselves, one has to have worked in the forge of the Cyclops and to have built the existential bodies of the Being.

In order for the Savior to be born, the event of Bethlehem has to be repeated; such an event is very profound and at the same time symbolic. The town of Bethlehem which the Gospels refer to is very allegorical. It is said that this small town did not exist in the epoch of Jesus of Nazareth. If we analyze the word Belen (which is Bethlehem in Chaldean), we have Bel-En. Then, we see that Bel in Chaldean terminology signifies “tower of fire.” When is this tower of fire attained? This is attained when one has created the superior existential bodies of the Being, when the sacred fire has reached the superior part of the brain. This is how the advent of Bethlehem occurs.

Nonetheless, in despite of having the solar bodies, the case can be given of an initiate who does not incarnate the child. I want to state with this something very subtle that passes unnoticed for any Kabbalist, because we have Tiphereth united with the causal body.

By comparing the Epistle of Paul to Corinthians (1 Corinthians 15) we can clarify this matter. Paul states that the terrestrial human and the heavenly human exist. Unquestionably, the terrestrial human is constituted by the physical, ethereal, astral, and mental bodies, and the body of the conscious will. In order for the advent of the Son of Man to occur, the building of the terrestrial human is necessary, because the common and current human being is not human yet.

It is only when one has given oneself the luxury of creating the existential bodies of the Being, when one can be called human, even when this one is just terrestrial. The second man of whom Paul speaks is the heavenly human, and he states, “And as we have borne the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.” [1 Corinthians 15:49]

The advent of the Son of Man occurs when he has to accomplish some specific mission upon the earth, when the initiate has taken the direct path for the final liberation.

After attaining the Fifth Initiation of Fire, I was called by my Divine Mother Kundalini. She had the child in her arms. I made a certain petition of an esoteric type and she answered unto me, “Ask unto the child.” Then, I asked unto the child what I had to ask.

Afterwards, I could receive the Initiation of Tiphereth or the Fifth Initiation of Fire. Then, the child that I had seen in the arms of its mother, who was my Divine Mother (because each one of us has their own), penetrated within my organism through the marvellous door of the pineal gland, a gland that was identified by Descartes as “the seat of the soul.” In this case, my body became the stable where the child was born, where the child entered into the world.

In the beginning, I can tell unto you that the presence of the child within oneself is not very noticeable, because he is born among the animals of the stables and they are nothing else but the animals of desire, the passions, vices, and defects that keep the consciousness bottled up, in other words the elements that compound the pluralized “I.” The “I” is found constituted by animal elements. These nourish themselves with inferior substances of the lower animal depths of the human being. This is where they live and multiply. Each animal element represents a determined defect. They constitute that which is called ego, or the animals of the stables, where the god child is born in order to save the man.

The child has to suffer greatly because he is not born in a great palace; he is born within a stable. He is born completely weak, very small, between gigantic seas of “I’s” that surround the stable.

The god child grows little by little and through time, he develops himself. How is He growing up? In which way is he growing up? He is growing up by eliminating the “I’s,” by disintegrating them, reducing them to ashes, to cosmic dust. This is how our particular intimate Yeshua grows up. The labor that this child has to perform is very hard. He is the Christ, and he is born in our stable in order to save us. Therefore, he has to kill in himself all of the animals of our stable. He has to fight against the princes of evil in himself, to fight the children of infidelity in himself. The temptations through which one is always passing as a human being, as a person that has a body of flesh and bones, are the temptations through which he has to pass as well. These are his temptations because the same body of flesh and bone of each one of us has come to be converted into his own body of flesh and bone. Lo and behold the merit of his sacrifices and of his efforts.

This is how the Son of Man comes into the world and is converted into a man of flesh and bones. He becomes a human among humans, and he is exposed to the suffering of human beings. He has to pass through the same tortures of any human. Our psychological process is converted into the psychological process that he must order and transform. Our preoccupations are his preoccupations. This is the reason why he has been called the Holy Firm, because he cannot be defeated, and finally he triumphs. Then, he covers himself with glory, and he is worthy of every praise, lordship and majesty.

The kings of intelligence, the three wise kings, the three king magicians, the true genii, will always recognize the Lord, and they venerate him, so they will come to worship him.

In the same way that he is growing, the sufferings for him become more and greater. Being so perfect, he has to defeat the potencies of darkness in himself. Being so pure, he has to defeat the impurity in himself. Having him pass beyond any possibility of temptation, he has to defeat temptations in himself. The child will find himself always within great dangers; Herod, the world, the tenebrous, will always want to slaughter him. The baptism in the river Jordan of existence will always be indispensable since the waters of life clean, transform, and baptize. The transfiguration occurs when he interprets the law of Moses with total intelligence, by teaching unto the people and unfolding in his works all of the marvellous zeal of Elias.

The intimate Christ will always come towards us walking upon the boisterous waves of the sea of life. The intimate Christ will always establish an order in our mind and he will give back the lost light to our eyes. He will always multiply the bread of the Eucharist for the nourishment and strength of our souls.

The intimate Christ incarnated within the initiate will preach along the roads of this great Jerusalem of the world by delivering the message of the new era unto humanity.

But the scribes, who are the intellectual humans of any epoch, those who form the cultural aspect, will say unto him, “This man is crazy.” The intellectuals want to resolve everything on the basis of reasoning. Any human being can elaborate within the cerebrum-encephalous a materialistic theory as well as a spiritualistic theory by means of the most severe logical processes, and as much in one theory as in the other, as much in the thesis as in the antithesis, the logic in its depth is really admirable.

His teachings are also rejected by the priests, people of all religions and people of all organizations of a pseudo-esotericist and pseudo-occultist type. Those people who consider themselves very serious always say, “What this man is saying is madness; this man is evil.” This is how the Son of Man is rejected in the world.

Every initiate has to live the cosmic drama of crucifixion in himself. The three traitors crucify him, they deliver him; Judas, the demon of desire, sells him for thirty silver coins. Judas exchanges him for women, pleasures, games. Pilate, the demon of the mind, always washes his hands; he always finds justification for all of his errors. Caiaphas, the demon of evil will, always wants to do his own will; he hates the will of the Father. The cosmic drama has to be lived by the initiate in a completely integral and total way.

We find that he is damned and hanged and that he has to die. In other words, the terrestrial human has to die. He submits himself to the will of the Father and goes towards death, which is his posthumous work.

Formidable cosmic events will always be in the consciousness of the initiate, and among lightning, thunder, and great earthquakes of the soul, the Lord will always deliver his spirit to the Father by exclaiming, “My Father, into thy hands I command my spirit.” Then, his death occurs.

With his death, he disintegrates his psychic aggregates, and after descending the body into the sepulcher, he resurrects after three days. These three days are also allegorical. At the end of these three days, the Son of Man passes through three great purifications; even the last inhuman element that was in his interior dies.

This is why it is said that the Son of Man has died in himself; he has killed death because death can only be killed with death. Then, the Son of Man has to resurrect with the physical body. Then he is a Resurrected Master with the Elixir of Longevity. He is a true king of nature in accordance to the Order of Melchizedeck. Then we can exclaim as the Apostle Paul exclaims, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” [I Corinthians 15:54-55]

Therefore, what is important is that he can redeem himself; when he resurrects, the soul resurrects in him. All of our animated and spiritual principles resurrect in him and one resurrects in him.

It is necessary to comprehend that he is our authentic interior savior, our particular intimate Jesus Christ.

Thus, he resurrects in the Father, and the Father resurrects in him. When Philip, that master who is an expert of the Jinn state, said unto Jesus, “Show us the Father,” the great Kabir answered, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.” [John 14:9]

The three great purifications are found symbolized by the three nails upon the cross. On top of the cross, the word INRI appears (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra): the fire renews nature incessantly. The three nails signify the three purifications by fire and iron. After the three purifications based upon fire and iron, the resurrection from the dead is achieved. The three days are three periods of work within which the Son of Man must perform the Great Work.

Let us take into account that the cross is that with which the undesirable elements must be disintegrated. Fidelity towards the Father is tested with the cross. There are many people that say, “I am faithful to the Father, to the Mother, to the Son of Man.” But, when the hour of destiny arrives, which is the hour of hours, they fail with the cross. Where is the cross? This is the crossing of the lingam-yoni. On that cross they fornicate, adulterate, and perform their evilness. Then, we must disintegrate the undesirable elements in order to search for the death of the terrestrial human.

It is necessary to know that Jesus the great Kabir, who came into the world two-thousand years ago and preached this doctrine, knew very well that each one carries their particular intimate Jesus Christ within. That is why he said that what he wanted is for each one of us to follow their own particular intimate Jesus Christ, who is the one that matters because he is our savior. He comes in order to reconcile ourselves with our own Father who is in secret, with the Ancient of the Centuries. He is the great reconciliator.

Once he has achieved the triumph, he glorifies himself and is worthy of any praise and glory, because he has defeated the evil in himself. He had not defeated evil from without but in himself. He has immolated himself as a lamb. That is why it is said of him that he is the Immolated Lamb. He has immolated himself in order to save us with his blood, meaning with the fire, because in Alchemy, the blood represents the sacred fire of Kundalini.

It is good to understand all of this. I am explaining unto you what I have lived within myself, what I am experiencing within myself. However, I would not commit the crime of telling unto you that I am the Christ. This would be a blasphemy, a lack of respect to the savior.

But truly I say unto you that Christ is saving me, as he has saved others. I can be one more of the saved, as I am trying and as I have had experience with it. What I am saying is what I am proving in myself, what I have lived.