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The Law of Three

Beloved, this Christmas of 1965 it is necessary for us to know in depth the Law of Three. It is urgent for us to know the place we occupy in the wonderful Ray of Creation.

The Son came into the world in order to save us. Thus, it is necessary to know what the Father is, what the Son is, and what the Holy Spirit is. All the sacred trimurtis from all religions correspond to the three primary forces of the universe. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit constitute a Trinity within the unity of life.

Isis, Osiris, Horus, and Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, etc., are sacred trimurtis that always represent the same three primary forces. All the cosmic phenomena, all creation, are based on the three primary forces.

Contemporary scientists recognize force and resistance, the positive force and the negative force, the positive and negative cells—that is to say, the masculine and feminine cells, etc.—but they ignore that any phenomenon, any creation, is impossible without a third, neutral force. It is entirely true, certain, that one or two forces cannot produce any phenomenon, yet scientists think that the positive-negative forces can produce all phenomena.

We can discover the three forces in action if we manage to study ourselves deeply.

Electricity is not only positive or negative; electricity also exists in its neutral form.

One or two forces can never produce any phenomenon. Thus, whenever we observe a halt in the development of anything, we can state with absolute certainty that the third force is missing there.

The three primary forces separate and unite anew; they are divided and cosmically multiplied.

Within the Unmanifested Absolute, the three primary forces constitute in an integral manner an indivisible and self-cognizant unity.  

During cosmic manifestation, the three primary forces separate and unite; phenomena, worlds, universes, etc. are created in those points where the three unite.

In the Ray of Creation, these three forces seem like three wills, three consciousnesses, three units. Each of these three forces contains in themselves all the possibilities of the three; however, in their point of conjunction, each one of them only manifests one principle, whether the positive, negative, or neutral principle.

It is very intriguing to see the three forces in action: they separate, they move away, and soon they reencounter again in order to form new, different trinities that originate new worlds, new cosmic creations.

Within the Absolute, the three forces are the single Logos, the variety within a total unity. There, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit constitute an omniscient and omni-merciful whole.

When speaking to his disciples about the Law of Three, Master G. stated:

“Let us imagine the Absolute as a circle and in it a number of other circles, worlds of the second order. Let us take one of these circles. The Absolute is designated by the number 1, because the three forces constitute one whole in the Absolute, and the small circles we will designate by the number 3, because in a world of the second order the three forces are already divided.

“The three divided forces in the worlds of the second order, meeting together in each of these worlds, create new worlds of the third order. Let us take one of these worlds. The worlds of the third order, created by the three forces which act semi-mechanically, no longer depend upon the single will of the Absolute but upon three mechanical laws. These worlds are created by the three forces. And having been created they manifest three new forces of their own. Thus the number of forces acting in the worlds of the third order will be six. In the diagram the circle of the third order is designated by the number 6 (3 plus 3).

“In these worlds are created worlds of a new order, the fourth order. In the worlds of the fourth order there act three forces of the world of the second order, six forces of the world of the third order, and three of their own, twelve forces altogether. Let us take one of these worlds and designate it by the number 12 (3 plus 6 plus 3). Being subject to a greater number of laws these worlds stand still further away from the single will of the Absolute and are still more mechanical. The worlds created within these worlds will be governed by twenty-four forces (3 plus 6 plus 12 plus 3). The worlds created within these worlds will be governed by forty-eight forces, the number 48 being made up as follows: three forces of the world immediately following the Absolute, six of the next one, twelve of the next, twenty-four of the one after, and three of its own (3 plus 6 plus 12 plus 24 plus 3), forty-eight in all. Worlds created within worlds 48 will be governed by ninety-six forces (3 plus 6 plus 12 plus 24 plus 48 plus 3). The worlds of the next order, if there are any, will be governed by 192 forces, and so on.” – In Search of the Miraculous

If we analyze in depth these mathematical calculations of the Master G., we must comprehend that the world of 96 laws is the first submerged plane of the abyss, and that the world of 192 laws corresponds to the second submerged plane of the abyss. The abyss is the mineral kingdom, and is located underneath the surface of the Earth. The abyss is the Greek Tartarus, the Hindustani Avitchi, the Roman Averno, the Christian Hell, etc. The abyss has other seven submerged atomic regions; these are the Atomic Infernos of Nature.

The Law of Three allows us to know how many laws govern each submerged region of Hell. If in the world of 48 laws, which is the cellular world where we live, everything is already mechanical and the will of the Absolute is not even remotely expressed, what then can we say about the mineral kingdom? The lost ones live in the mineral kingdom. Life in the mineral kingdom is very far from the will of the Absolute. The will of the Absolute is not even remembered within the submerged mineral kingdom.

The Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the infernos. The proper order of the Ray of Creation is as follows:  

  1. Absolute
  2. All Worlds
  3. All Suns
  4. The Sun
  5. All Planets
  6. The Earth
  7. The Inferno

We regret to have to dissent with Master G. in regard to the subject matter about the Moon. Master G. thinks that the Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the Moon. Master G. supposes that the Moon is a fragment split from the Earth in a remote archaic past. Master G. thinks that the Moon is a world in gestation and that it is fed from the terrestrial vitality.

We, who were active in the past Cosmic Day, know very well that the Moon was a world like the Earth, a world that was submitted to many evolving and devolving processes, a world that had life in abundance and that is already dead. The Moon is a corpse. The Moon belongs to the past Ray of Creation. The Moon does not belong to our present Ray of Creation.

The lunar influence is of a submerged subconscious type and controls the tenebrous regions of the terrestrial abyss. This is why in esotericism those regions are called submerged sublunar regions. Those are “the outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Moreover, we normally live in this cellular world of 48 laws (the Earth), yet it is very interesting to know that the germinal cell—from which by means of gestation the human organism develops—has 48 chromosomes.

If in this world—and in all the worlds of the third order created by the three forces, that already act semi-mechanically—the will of the Absolute is no longer done, much less is that will done in this world of 48 laws in which we live, move, and have our Being. Only a poor consolation remains for us (even though at heart it is terrifying): the fact that below us, under the Earth surface, are worlds of 96, 192, and even many more forces, and which are tremendously more complicated and terribly materialistic, where the will of the Absolute is not even remotely remembered.

The Absolute creates its cosmic plan in the world of three laws, and thereafter everything continues mechanically. We are separated from the Absolute by 48 mechanical laws, which make our life frightfully mechanical and terribly boring.

If we build ourselves a true astral body (do not confuse this with the body of desires of which Max Heindel speaks), we liberate ourselves from half of the 48 laws, and are submitted to order of the twenty-four laws that wisely govern our planetary world. To build a Solar Body—that is to say, an authentic astral body—signifies in fact to be one step closer to the Absolute.

If after having built the astral body, we give ourselves the luxury of building the mental body (do not confuse this with the mental body that is normally used by the living and the dead, and which is of a lunar-animal type), we take another great step towards the Absolute; thus, we are submitted to twelve solar laws.

If we build the body of the conscious will or causal body (do not confuse this with the psychic essence which is placed within the lunar mind), then we liberate ourselves from the twelve solar laws, and we are submitted to the order of six cosmic laws; this signifies another step towards the Absolute.  

The fourth step will lead us towards the Absolute, to the divine Protocosmos, which is governed by nothing other than the whole of the three laws. The Protocosmos is Divine Spirit, and it is submerged within the bosom of the Absolute. All the suns and worlds of the Protocosmos are constituted with the divine substance of the Divine Spirit.

We can ascend or descend—return to the Absolute, or descend to the mineral kingdom. The souls that enter into the mineral kingdom are first submitted to the order of 96 laws, thereafter to 192, and according as they are devolving in that submerged kingdom, they become more and more complicated, with more and more laws.

Those who enter into the mineral abyss devolve, they go backwards, passing through the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. When the lost ones arrive at the mineral state, when they totally fossilize underneath the surface of the Earth, then in fact, they are disintegrated, they are reduced to dust. The abyss is the smelting crucible; it is necessary for the tenebrous ones to be disintegrated within the abyss so that their Essence, their Soul, becomes liberated and thus returned to their Divine Spirit from where in a forgone day they left. In the smelting crucible, the petrified souls are smelted by the cosmic process which Henrik Ibsen symbolized as The Button-Moulder in “Peer Gynt.”

It is clear that the smelting of petrified and rigid forms which lost their developmental power is accompanied by frightful suffering and terrible, indescribable bitterness. The objective of the smelting crucible is to rectify the defective psychic product, to return it to its natural state of primeval purity, and to liberate it from the lunar bodies after disintegrating the “I” by means of the submerged devolution. The ego and the lunar bodies are reduced to dust within the cosmic smelting crucible. Only by reducing the lunar ego and its bodies to dust, can the Essence, the Soul, the psychic principle, be liberated from the abyss.  

A wise author said,

“The descent into hell is, therefore, a backwards journey through devolution; a submersion within an always increasing density, through darkness, rigidity and within an inconceivable boredom of time; a backwards falling through the ages into the primitive chaos, from where the infinite ascent towards the knowledge of God must begin again from the beginning.”

When addressing the abyss, the Tibetan Book of the Dead [Bardo Thodol] states,

“If you cling to it, you will fall into the hells; you will be stuck in the mire of unbearable sufferings, without any escape.”

Dante’s Inferno is located within the interior of the Earth, and considers it formed by nine concentric spheres of increasing density. Those spheres are sublunar. Each one of those submerged spheres is governed by an overwhelming amount of laws that begin with 96, continue with 192, and multiply successively in accordance with the Law of Three.

A Master addressing hell said,

“This is the Hindu Naraka situated beneath the earth and beneath the waters. This is the Babylonian Aralu. The Earth of nonreturn, the region of darkness, the house within which the one who enters does not walks ahead, the way from which the traveller never returns, the house whose inhabitants never see the light, a region where dust is their bread and mud their food. This is the Greek Tartarus lead by the mouth of Earth where an amount of fire flows, together with enormous rivers of fire and many rivers of mud; an Earth cavern that is the greatest of all of them, and which crosses all the way through the earth.

“Those considered incurable are thrown by the angel into the Tartarus where they no longer leave. It is the Egyptian Amenti represented in the cosmic plane of the great pyramid by a dark petreous chamber one hundred feet under the surface, whose floor was left distorted and of which a final passage leads to nowhere.”

Inferno comes from the Latin word infernus, a word that means inferior region. The inferior region is not the cellular region in which we live. The inferior region is the interior of the earth, the submerged mineral kingdom under the surface of the terrestrial crust. Inferno is therefore the interior of the earth made up of seven regions; the lithosphere is the kingdom of minerals, the barysphere [centrosphere] is the kingdom of metals.

All human souls, a little sooner or a little later, identify themselves with the mineral kingdom by their persistence in crime, thus they end by entering into the mineral kingdom in order to suffer the fate of minerals.

The geological processes and geological time are frightfully slow and painful. Rare are the human souls that are resolved to liberate themselves from the 48, 24, 12, and 6 laws in order to enter into the Absolute. Humanity as a whole always prefers to pass from the 48 into the 96 laws. It is easier to enter into the world of 96 laws than to liberate oneself from the 48 laws. Regrettably, humanity always prefers what is “easiest.” Yes, humanity enjoys making their hearts as hard as flint, hearts of stone, etc. Humanity enjoys to identify themselves with the mineral kingdom and to share the fate of minerals.

All religious infernos are symbols of the mineral kingdom. The atomic infernos of Nature are constituted by the mineral underworld. What is normal, what is natural, is for humanity—almost in their totality—to enter into the mineral kingdom. The strange, the revolutionary, is that some souls self-realize themselves, and after having liberated themselves from all the laws, enter into the Absolute.

To liberate one’s soul from the 48, 24, 12, and 6 laws means to exert tremendous super-efforts, and people do not like to exert super-efforts. People always want what is most comfortable, what is easiest. Thus, this is why almost the totality of human souls—a little sooner or a little later—cease to born, in order to enter the underworld of 96 laws.

We can be liberated from the 48, 24, 12, and 6 laws only by means of the revolution of the consciousness. Regrettably, people do not like the revolution of the consciousness. People prefer to dance, drink, fornicate, adulterate, get drunk, get a lot of money, etc., since this is more comfortable for them than the revolution of the consciousness.

The revolution of the consciousness has three factors that people do not like:

  1. To die
  2. To be born
  3. Sacrifice for humanity

To die is very difficult for people, since the one who wants to die—that is to say, to disintegrate their beloved “I”—is very rare.

Rare is the one who indeed is resolved to perform the sexual connection without the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis, with the purpose of building the legitimate astral body, the authentic mental and the true causal body or body of conscious will.

Rare is the one who is resolved to sacrifice himself for the salvation of the world.

People prefer to enjoy the pleasures of the Earth and to enter into the mineral underworld in order to suffer the fate of minerals, since that is easier, more comfortable, and simple. The revolution of the consciousness requires tremendous super-efforts, and people do not like anything that makes them uncomfortable.