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Cosmic Materiality

With the proper scientific and mathematical combination of vibrations acting upon the prima matter of the Great Work, upon the chaotic and pre-cosmic Ens Seminis, the science of music originates seven orders of worlds with seven states of materiality.

Esoteric schools teach that there are seven planes of cosmic consciousness in the world. Likewise, we cannot forget that within the interior of our world, underneath the surface of the Earth, there are seven submerged atomic regions that relate to the atomic infernos of Nature, since the Holy Heptaparaparshinokh—the law of seven—is fundamental in everything created.

The sound vibrations of seven centers of gravity originated all the Trogoautoegocratic processes (the reciprocal nourishment of everything existent). In the end, these Trogoautoegocratic processes crystallized all the concentrations of worlds.

Music, the Word, originates what are called successive processes of the fusion of vibrations. Thanks to the law of the reciprocal nourishment of everything existent, and scientifically, under the impulse of sound vibrations, some vibrations flow from other vibrations, and cosmic substances of different densities and vivifications are united and disunited with each other, thus forming great and small, relatively independent concentrations. The outcome of all of this is the universe.

The first order of worlds is very spiritual and is within the bosom of that which has no name. The second order of worlds has a type of additional materiality. In the third order of worlds the materiality increases, and so on. In each one of the seven orders of worlds there is a sevenfold ranking of materiality.

The world—the universe in general—consists of vibrations and matter. E = mc2: “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” “Mass is transformed into energy, energy is transformed into mass.”

Matter is in a vibratory state. The vibratory speed is in an inverse proportion to the density of matter.

Each atom of the first order of worlds contains within itself only one atom of the Absolute; consequently, the first order of worlds is one hundred percent spiritual.

Each atom of the second order of worlds contains three atoms of the Absolute; as a consequence, the second order of worlds has a little more materiality, even though it still is very spiritual.

Each atom of the third order of worlds contains within itself six atoms of the Absolute; thus, clearly, the materiality is even greater.

Each atom of the fourth order of worlds contains within itself twelve primordial particles—that is to say, twelve atoms of the Absolute—and therefore it is logical to state that the fourth order of worlds has greater materiality than the three preceding orders.

Each atom of the fifth order of worlds has within itself twenty-four atoms of the Absolute, and so it is clear that its materiality is much greater.

We, the wretched intellectual animals, who are unfortunately condemned to the pain of living, really have the bad luck of existing in this remote and dark corner of the universe that belongs to a sixth order of worlds. Each atom of our world of 48 laws contains within itself 48 atoms of the Absolute. Thus, the materiality of our world is horrible, since everything that is obtained with supreme promptness in the worlds of 12, 6, or 3 laws is only obtained here—so to say—by sacrificial bleeding and with unspeakable sufferings.

Underneath us is the underworld where materiality is frightfully horrible. The first region of the abyss has atoms that contain within themselves—each one—nothing less than 96 laws, ninety-six primary particles, ninety-six atoms of the Absolute. In the second region of the mineral kingdom, each atom has 192 atoms of the Absolute, and so on. Therefore, the mineral kingdom is frightfully materialistic. Thus, this is why life under the Earth is indeed an inferno. Nevertheless, it is good to clarify that the inferno has its mission, since it is the cosmic crematorium, and therefore it is necessary.

Somebody stated, “Inferno comes from the Latin word infernus, meaning “inferior region,” and therefore the inferno is this world in which we live.” That person was mistaken, because this cellular region in which we lived is not the inferior region; we live in the sixth order of worlds governed by 48 laws, and in accordance with the law of seven the seventh is the bottom. We already know that the seventh order of worlds is the underworld, whose first region is governed by 96 laws.

The inferno is not a place with flames. The inferno is the underworld. However, it is logical to state that the flames of passions burn within the underworld. All the religious infernos are only symbols of the underworld.

Time in the mineral kingdom is a time of rocks, a frightfully slow and terribly boring time. Each small event in the underworld is equivalent to 80 years, 800 years, 8,000, and 80,000 years.

The lost ones of the ancient Earth-Moon are named Lucifers, Ahrimans, and Anagarics with red turbans. They still live within that submerged mineral kingdom, and believe that they are doing very well, that they are progressing. The lost ones always believe that they are doing very well, and they are filled with very good intentions.