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May 27, 1952. Gnostic Sanctuary of the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta.

I have finished this book of notes here in my sanctum of meditation. Millions of books had been written in the world, while on the Philosophy of Fire, a few hundred. Yesterday afternoon I was looking at “The Signs of Agni Yoga.” It hurts to read works so vague that they are not useful to anyone. “The Signs of Agni Yoga” contains the wisdom of Fire. But: what vagueness!

I don’t know why those authors hide the truth about sex so much. What cruelty to this wretched suffering humanity, what lack of charity! The vagaries of the book entitled “Fiery World” are of no use to anyone. I like to speak clearly: to bread, bread; and to wine, wine.

The redemption of the human being resides exclusively in the sexual act. All the power of the Grail and the igneous wings, and of the serpent, resides in the following key:

“Introduce the virile member into the woman’s yoni and remove it without spilling a single drop of the precious liquid.”

In this key of sexual magic lies the way to all powers and all initiations.

We males have Nirvana in the testicles, and the one who wants to reach the High Initiation must have a good female, and be very manly...

No more theories, no more vagueness, no more nonsense: men were made for women, and women for men. Here I speak in solid English so that everyone can understand me. I want my disciples to reach the altar of initiation with the male virile member well erected, because to reach high initiation, one needs to be very manly. The Kundalini can only be awakened by very masculine men, and very feminine women.

All the books of esotericism that have been written in the world are already outdated and no longer good for anything. I, Samael Aun Weor, the great avatar of Aquarius, have delivered to humanity the greatest message of the centuries.

If the morons want to laugh, let them laugh. That doesn’t bother me.

Now we are speaking clearly, because this is the most serious moment in the history of the world. Let the fowls of Rosicrucianism, Theosophism and Spiritism fly in terror....

May peace be with all of humanity.

Question: Master, why do you call classroom and word spiritualists caged parrots?

Samael Aun Weor: Because they speak and speak like parrots, but without ever having experienced what they say.

By spirituality I understand knowing how to live with dignity among others, and not as many understand, that spiritualism is theorizing, because knowing how to live is one thing and knowing how to theorize is another. The who knows how to live is a master, and the one who knows how to theorize is an intellectual.

Question: Master, why do your books such as The Perfect Matrimony and The Revolution of Beelzebub cause anger in some readers?

Samael Aun Weor: The anger of these people is due to the fact that the inner self of these people knows that my statement is accurate, and since they are disciples of Javhe, they mathematically react with anger because their own subconsciousness betrays them.

Question: Master, why do people deny the existence of the internal worlds and when speaking of them they consider this matter as either madness or degeneration?

Samael Aun Weor: These people do not understand the internal worlds, because they are ignorant, and the ignorant always believes that only he is right. The reasoning of the ignoramuse depends on his eye and his hearing, and these organs only perceive what is outside of them, so if they are told that the internal worlds are within themselves, they are frightened, and immediately they offend us with cruelty, precisely because they are foolish and cruel at the same time. They are used to thinking in their way of seeing, and end up mocking, because mockery is easier than analysis. They never bother to analyze and confirm it when they say, “that is not proven.” These beings suffer from a disease called mental laziness, and they do better with their sedentary habits, so it annoys them if someone tries to get them out of their habits and customs that have already shaped their sad existence. So we can exclaim like the poet: “Sadness is their madness....”

Question: Master, why do you say that heaven is seized by force?

Samael Aun Weor: I have simply said that heaven is seized by force because the one who has the keys of heaven is the devil. Here the Fable of the Donkey of Apuleius (The Golden Ass) comes to mind. It is said that Apuleius traveled to Thessaly in search of initiation. There he met a priestess who promised to teach him, and told him that to receive esoteric wisdom, he would have to take the form of a bird. Consequently she gave him a potion for this purpose, which when Apuleius took it instead of turning him into a bird, he turned him into a donkey. Wherever he went they kicked him, mistreated him, loaded him with stones, and with hard and heavy work, until finally tired of wandering and suffering, he submerged seven times in the Aegean Sea. After those seven submerges, the priestess appeared to him and, throwing him a bunch of roses, said: “Let him eat of them so that his ancient human form, while the initiator arrived, to initiate and instruct him in the great mysteries of life. Apuleius did so and was instantly converted into a man. Well, the meaning of this fable contains a great cosmic truth. The donkey is our Satan. We must not forget that in the composition of the elixir of long life is a substance that possesses that animal, that wonderful substance is our Christonic semen, and that donkey is our animal “I,” that is, our Satan, the devil, whom we have to defeat in a hand-to-hand combat, face to face, to enter the heavenly Jerusalem, mounted on the donkey as the Christ did on Palm Sunday. The guardian of Eden is the devil, therefore, the one who defeats him steals the fire and with it makes a flaming sword with which one happily enters paradise. That is why Heaven is seized by force. Passions are very terrible, and you have to jump into battle to win the sword by defeating Satan. This is the mystery of Baphomet...