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ד 4 Daleth, The Emperor

1. The esoteric ages are as follows:

2. First Initiation of Lesser Mysteries, ten years old.

3. Second Initiation, twenty years old.

4. Third Initiation, thirty years old.

5. Fourth Initiation, forty years old.

6. Fifth Initiation, fifty years old.

7. Sixth Initiation, sixty years old.

8. Seventh Initiation, seventy years old.

9. Eighth Initiation, eighty years old.

10. Ninth Initiation, ninety years old.

The Major Mysteries

11. First Initiation, one hundred years old.

12. Second Initiation, two hundred years old.

13. Third Initiation, three hundred years old.

14. Fourth Initiation, four hundred years old.

15. Firth Initiation, five hundred years old.

16. Sixth Initiation, six hundred years old.

17. Seventh Initiation, seven hundred years old.

18. Eighth Initiation, eight hundred years old.

19. Ninth Initiation, nine hundred years old.

20. Ages greater than nine hundred years are Logoic ages.

21. To reach absolute liberation, one needs to possess 300,000 (three hundred thousand) esoteric years of age (esoteric ages are not measured by chronological time).

22. Initiation is your life itself.

23. Initiation is profoundly internal.

24. Initiation is profoundly individual.

The Divine Triad

25. The Innermost has two twin souls: the Divine and the Human.

26. At one hundred years old (in esoteric age), the Divine Soul fuses with the Innermost, and so a new Master is born within the internal worlds.

27. At five hundred years old (in esoteric age), the Soul also fuses with the Innermost.

28. That is how a new Mahatma is born within the internal worlds.


Human Bodhisattvas

29. When a Master of Major Mysteries wants to reincarnate, he sends ahead his Human Soul to reincarnate and prepare himself.

30. When that Human Soul is prepared, the Master then reincarnates.

31. He enters into his Human Soul.

32. When the Bodhisattva lets himself fall, the Master cannot reincarnate.

33. The Bodhisattva who lets himself fall must later reincarnate under more difficult conditions.

34. If the Bodhisattva repeats his errors, then the Lords of Karma continue sending him to be reincarnated in much more terrible and painful conditions.

35. So arrives the moment in which the Master can reincarnate within the Bodhisattva.

36. The Master is formed by Atman-Buddhi.

37. Atman is the Innermost.

38. Buddhi is the Divine Soul, in other words, the Divine Consciousness of the Innermost.

Dhyani Bodhisattvas

39. When a Logos wants to redeem a world, he emanates from within himself a celestial prototype, formed by Atman-Buddhi.

40. The Logos is the Sephirothic Crown.

41. The Logos is the individual Ray, from where the Innermost emanates.

42. That ray is the Most Holy Trinity within us.

43. That ray is triune.

44. Therefore, every Logos is triune.

45. The Father is Kether, the Ancient of Days.

46. The Son is the Cosmic Christ within us.

47. The Holy Spirit is the Divine Mother within us.

48. The Mother carries a lamp in her hand.

49. That lamp is the Innermost who burns within our heart.

50. The Innermost has two Souls, one Divine and the other Human.

51. When a Logos wants to come into the World, he emanates his Innermost.

52. The Innermost then, together with the Divine Soul, is the Dhyani Bodhisattva of a Logos.

53. The Dhyani Bodhisattvas of the Logos who follow the long and bitter Path of Duty, evolve like any man among men when they reincarnate within a world.

54. When the Dhyani is prepared, then his real Logoic Being incarnates within him to save the world.