Description of Stela P: Trimurti

stela-pThis stela is a living representation of the trimurti.

Three superimposed faces are displayed to indicate the Holy Triamatzikamno. It is the superior trimurti: Kether, Chokmah, and Binah of Hebraic Kabbalah.

Its arms are very well adorned, and direct the inward and upward ascension of the forces. Between the two arms is a face that indicates the Causal man, the true man.

Its belt is very well adorned. A face is on the region of Hod, which indicates the Astral world, the Astral body of the human being. The astral body is a vehicle of expression through which Divinity can manifest itself. Much has been stated about the Astral body, however the intellectual animal falsely called a human being does not have an Astral body. Instead, he has a body of desires, a molecular body, and that is all. Conventionally, that molecular vehicle is inaccurately called "the Astral" or Astral body.

If indeed we long for the birth of Christ within our own heart, then we need to create an Astral body.

The sexual hydrogen Ti-12 is the final outcome of the transformation of food within the human organism. Hydrogen Ti-12 is the matter with which sex works; it is our seed or fruit.

It is clear that this sexual hydrogen is processed in the human organism according to the seven notes of the musical scale, from Do to Ti. However, with the help of maithuna, Sexual Magic, the Arcanum A.Z.F, the hydrogen Ti-12 can pass to Do on the next superior octave.

The second superior octave is produced in the sexual union of man and woman during the maithuna (without the ejaculation of the ens seminis); this is how a new, independent, luminous, and resplendent organism is developed. This is very different from what the deceased use. This new organism is the Astral body.

The Astral body is born from the same semen, from the same substance, from the same seed that originates the physical body. The only thing that differs is the procedure.

The inner depth, the vitalism, of the cell is saturated with the hydrogen Ti-12, thus when all the organic cells are totally saturated and impregnated with that sexual hydrogen, then that substance crystallizes in the splendid form of the Astral body. This process is known in alchemy as the transmutation of lead into gold.

Indeed, only the individuals who have an Astral body live consciously within the internal worlds, as much as during the sleep of their physical body as after death.

The molecular body of desires is cold, phantasmagoric, and unconscious; this is the vehicle that the deceased use after death.

The Astral body is a vehicle, a luxury that very few human beings have. It is splendid, marvelous. The angels and the Masters of the White Lodge use it.

It is obvious that after the Astral body is born, it needs nourishment in order to grow and fortify. The physical body nourishes itself with hydrogen 48. The surplus of hydrogen 48 is converted into hydrogen 24, which is what nourishes the Astral body.

Therefore, the Astral body is a splendid crystallization of hydrogen Ti-12.

Thus, just as the physical body is engendered by means of the sexual act, likewise the Astral body is also engendered by the sexual act. Thus, just as the physical body is born, likewise the astral body is born. Thus, just as a child's body needs nourishment for the development of its tissues, likewise the Astral body needs nourishment for its development and growth. Its nourishment is hydrogen 24.

Continuing with the description of the stela "P," we will state: the head under the trimurti represents Atman, the ineffable one, who with his ears is ready to listen the Verb, the Word.

Further down we find Tiphereth, the true man. Afterwards, we find the terrestrial man, the Astral man.

This sculpture indicates that the superior trimurti must achieve its crystallization within the true man, within the authentic human being.

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