Description of Stela E: The Alchemist's Work

stela-eIt is very noteworthy that all the sculptures of Copán have the rod, the scepter, carved in the center. In Mexico, when sculptures have a carved scepter, they have it at the side or not at all. So, this is what makes remarkable the sculptures in Copán: they are clearly indicating that the power, the scepter, is located in the center.

On stela E, the inferior part of the rod is a little destroyed. Yet, on the superior part of the rod we notice an intercrossing of lines in a superpose way, having the shape of an X, which is profoundly significant in alchemy. The crossing of the mercury with the sulfur in order to perform the Great Work was known in the ancient Aztec as well as Mayan mysteries.

What is the Mercury of the Wise? Well, this is the metallic soul of the sacred sperm, the exiohehari.

The mercury is prepared by means of transmutation—in other words, by means of the transmutation science of Yesod—so that it will be ready to receive the sulfur. The sulfur is the fire. Therefore, when the sulfur and the mercury are fused, totally integrated, they ascend throughout the medullar canal of the adept.

As a consequence, the sulfur and the mercury, in their ascension throughout the medullar canal, go up opening the distinct centers or powers that divinize the human being. Precisely, this is what the intercrossing of the rod on its superior part indicates.

It is obvious that, in the ancient mysteries, the one who attained the development of the superior part of the scepter was the one who had accomplished the work, thus he was a Master.

At each side of the scepter we see the positive and negative forces very well symbolized.

The miter is very high.

Two little figures that we cannot exactingly say have a human face are shown; their contours are rare, strange. Anyhow, these are nothing other than the two witnesses referred to in the Apocalypse of Saint John.

Stela E indicates that through the dominion of the sulfur and the mercury we can attain the possession of the philosophical stone, which will allow us the right to use the priesthood miter.

Stela E clearly explains the alchemist's work.

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