Description of Stela 5: Cross of Saint Andrew


Countenance: strong.

Miter: very damaged. We can see the three forces of creation.

Arms: upwardly placed, indicating the ascension of the positive and negative forces. Intriguingly, a small, central, faceless figure appears between the two arms, clearly indicating the human soul, the true human being, the causal man. Advantaging very much, in this way, any explanation with letters, the small, central, faceless figure addresses the emotional center, the profound center of the consciousness.

The ornaments on the arms are profoundly significant liturgical bracelets.

The right arm indicates Chesed.

The left arm indicates Geburah. Everything is very well portrayed with the Hebraic Kabbalah. Geburah is the rigor of the Law; it is shown with meridian clarity.

In its center, the small figure indicates the human soul, Tiphereth.


Waist: it shows a magnificent belt, the Hod of the sages. We see the X cross or Cross of Saint Andrew on each end of this perfect and marvelous belt, as if stating, "Cross the mercury and the sulfur so that the solar man can be born within you."

In regards to Yesod, it is very well depicted, very well ornamented, so as to indicate us that it is necessary to work very hard upon ourselves.

The problems of thesis and antithesis are resolved with the synthesis, which is the wise management of the positive and negative forces. The Cross of Saint Andrew explains the work to be performed in the ninth sphere with the sulfur and the mercury: the hard struggle in order to attain the elimination of all the psychological aggregates based on conscious works and voluntary sufferings.

Andrew, the hermit fisherman, humbly served the Christus John, when then he became a disciple of the great Kabir Jesus. Andrew assisted the great Gnostic Priest Jesus of Nazareth, in the miraculous fishing of the lake of Genezareth o Jainezareth, the symbolic Jinn lake where the fire performed so many portents.

The extraordinary torture of Andrew, filled with enigmas and portents, made very famous the cross X, upon which in a pitilessly way his separated limbs were tightened. The deep significance of the tortures of Andrew on the terrible X is "the annihilation of the adored ego in the laboratorium-oratoriun of the Third Logos."

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