1. The swan symbolizes love.

2. In Eden, swans of immaculate whiteness serve at the table of the gods.

3. In Eden, the chastely plumed swans elaborate within their immaculate throats ineffable delicacies that they deposit within the cups of the Angels.

4. The angels drink delicacies from Eden, divine delicacies that the swan elaborates within its adamantine throat.

5. The Kala-Hamsa swan floats upon the waters of life.

6. The combinations of the infinite substance are wonderful.

7. The seminal waters are transformed into ineffable delicacies within the crop of the swan.

8. The continents, with all that exists, emerged from the sea, and will return to the sea.

9. The elementals of trees also love each other.

10. The nuptial beds of these ineffable beings are the roots of the trees.

11. They are sexually united without spilling the semen.

12. Thus, the seed enters the womb of the female.

13. When life is crystallized, then the fruits of the plants appears.

14. Thus, this is how life arises from the ethereal world.

15. The ethereal world is Eden. Life is born from Eden.

16. Listen to me, oh Buddhas! Do not spill your semen, and you will return to Eden.

17. Everything comes from sex. Everything comes from love.

18. The swan symbolizes love. The swan feeds itself with love. When one of the pair dies, the other dies from sadness.

19. All the lives that beat are a single great life hidden within the seminal waters of life.

20. Little children of mine, you are the sun and you are the ant, you are the calm and solitary tree, and the rebel eagle.

21. All of us are the great life that beats in each heart.

22. That great universal life is hidden within the great sexual ocean of love.

23. The swan of immaculate whiteness serves at the table of the angels.

24. The water is the semen.

25. The combinations of the infinite substance are wonderful.

26. Let us do the will of the Father in heaven as on Earth.


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