Book of the Dead

"In death there are extraordinary mysteries. Those who really want emancipation, to not come back, forever, have to start by knowing the doctrine... for after death, there can be an opportunity to continue the rest of the work...

"The one that awakens can select his path; the one that awakens will be able to continue the work after death, and if he does not want to come back, he will not return. So, how can someone who is asleep avoid coming back to this valley of tears? Is it impossible. First, it is necessary to awaken; once awakened, we will be able to continue the work after death." —Samael Aun Weor

The Book of the Dead is one of several books collected in Beyond Death. It provides an essential foundation for deeper comprehension of the great knowledge contained in the process of death and birth.

Originally published in Spanish as “El Libro de Los Muertos” (1966).

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