The Aztec’s Luminous Dragon is the Egyptian God Harpocrates

harpocratesHidden from our sight by the veil of the fourth dimension are Djinns, beings, people, and things.

In chapter three, we spoke about the four bodies of sin; these bodies serve for the manifestation of the human being in the physical world. However, the physical body is the only one of the four that the profane are aware of, since the Ethereal, Astral, and Mental Bodies are unknown to them.

The physical body can manifest itself within the planes or suprasensible worlds without losing its physiological characteristics.

The law of gravity reigns in this physical-chemical world, and the law of levitation in the worlds of the fourth dimension.

The detached energy from the solar fire is fixed in the heart of the Earth; this is the vibrating nucleus of the cells in any living being. This is the Astral Light, the Azoth and Magnesia of ancient alchemists. When the Master Jesus walked upon the waves of the Sea of Galilee, he carried his body, submerged within the Astral Light. The Astral Light co-penetrates the whole atmosphere; the Astral Light is the cause of all the marvelous powers in the human being and the sacred fire of all life.

Through knowledge, willpower, and faith, we can submerge our physical body within the infinite ocean of the Astral Light. Thus, while in the Astral Light, we can dematerialize the physical body or mold it into any form we wish, making it elastic or fluidic to the degree of making it capable of passing through steel-metal plates, or through mountains, walls, etc., without receiving any harm; we can travel with it from one place to another at supersonic velocities or make it invisible to the retina of other people’s physical eyes.

The solar energy is Astral Light; its essence is the christonic power enclosed within the fecundating pollen of the flowers, within the heart of the fruit of any tree, within the glands of internal secretion of the animal and of the human being. Within the human body, the most important base of the Astral Light is in the coccyx. The Aztecs named this sacred power Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent that only awakens and ascends towards our pineal gland by means of amorous magic.

The God Harpocrates governs the energy of the Astral Light. He was the living symbol of the Sun when it was rising at the beginning of spring. Child of Isis and Osiris, he was born after the death of his father, during the shortest day of the year and during the blossoming of the lotus flower. Traditions represented him as a delicate being who did not reach his maturity save when he transformed himself into Horus, in other words, when he transformed himself into the Sun with all of its splendors. His cult was introduced in Greece and Rome with some alterations; there, he appears as the God of silence, and they represented Him with the index finger over his lips.

The infinite tranquility and the infinite activity have their point of contact in the silence.

The beauty and majesty of Aztec mysticism is firmly based in the universal laws represented in the Kabbalah and the Tarot.

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