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Sacred Sexuality, Episode One: The Purpose of Love

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Spiritual sexual education for teens and adults, revealing the sexual teachings that are hidden and symbolized in every religion. The stories of Adam and Eve, Krishna and Radha, Pandora, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, all agree: there is great power in our bodies, if we learn how to harness it for a higher purpose. That knowledge was kept hidden, reserved only for those who proved they would use it wisely. The moment has arrived for all of humanity to know it.


Sex is the foundation of life.

Only sex can create a human being.

Through hormones and glands, sex powers our growth and development.

The sexual drive is the most powerful influence in our life.

Sexual power creates everything about us, not only physically, but psychologically and spiritually.

The nature of the sexual power is to create, but what it creates depends upon how we use it.

A holy person is the outcome of their use of sexual power.

A degenerated person is the result of their use of sexual power.

Our sexual power can enlighten and awaken, or it can corrupt and destroy.

How we use our sexual power today determines who we are and who we are becoming.

This is why so many myths and religions hide a secret about sex.

It is time for humanity to know it.

Creation is always sexual.

This truth is hidden in every religion and is written in the first three words of the Bible and Torah.

People believe these words mean, "In the beginning God created," but that is not what is written in Hebrew.

If Moses had wanted to indicate a single masculine God, the way many people think of God, he would have written the word El, but he did not.

He wrote the word Elohim, which is plural.

The word El is God, singular, masculine.

Elah is goddess.

They form Elohim, God and goddess, together.

So the first three words of the Bible and Torah actually say, "In the beginning God and goddess create."

This is why the Talmud describes the famous Ark of the Covenant as having two golden beings in a sexual embrace.

When the Israelites would ascend to the Holy Temple on the festival, the priest would roll up the curtain for them and display for them the Ark with the Kerubim, who were joined together as a man joined in an embrace with his female companion.

The famous Ark was kept hidden because it displayed the same imagery as the gods and goddesses of other great religions, male and female, united to create.

This is the secret that was hidden in the heart of all great religions and myths,

a secret knowledge of terrific power, preserved only for those who proved they would use it wisely.

It is the secret of how to be born in a superior kingdom.

Birth in a superior kingdom requires a superior sexual act, conscious transformation of matter and energy into a higher form.

To understand that superior sexual act, first we need to understand something about ourselves, how we arrived at the condition we are in today.

We are alive because of sex.

Without sex, life would not exist, not our own or the planet.

In our case, our parents had sex and our consciousness entered into energy and matter.

Then things began to change.

Science calls this change evolution, a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Our physical body started as a sperm and an egg.

When they joined, they began to produce something new, something different, and that is a type of evolution, a simple thing becoming something more complex.

There is no doubt that evolution is a law of nature. Yet everything in mechanical nature is bound by a simple cycle.

Evolution is always followed by devolution.

In mechanical nature, everything that evolves will also devolve.

Everything that is born will die.

There is nothing in mechanical nature that continually improves forever. A tree produces millions of seeds, but only a few will grow.

Even fewer will reach the peak of development where the full potential of the tree is expressed. And once that peak is reached, it is not sustained very long before its decline begins, and its elements are returned back to nature. This is how mechanical nature works. We are no exception.

From uncountable seeds, only a few experience birth, childhood, youth, adulthood, then decline into old age and die.

In the course of a lifetime, our bodies evolve and devolve.

This is true of everything in mechanical nature, from atoms to galaxies.

Evolution is characterized by improvement, the increase of beauty, harmony, freedom.

Evolution makes things better.

Devolution is characterized by decline, degeneration, disunity, confusion, conflict.

Devolution breaks things down and always leads to death.

Evolution and devolution are two sides of the same wheel. They cannot be separated from one another.

The cycles of evolution and devolution are easy to observe.

Everywhere we look, we see matter and energy evolving and devolving.

What we do not see is why.

Truly, that is the most profound question.

Why are we alive?

During our first seven years, our creative power rapidly develops our body. We are impelled by the need to understand how to use our physical body.

Around age seven, the body continues to develop, but the greatest development occurs in our intellectual brain. We learn easily and rapidly.

Our urge is to understand intellectually, conceptually, and the question begins to emerge. Who am I and what is my purpose?

Around age 14, our vitality changes focus to our emotional center and our sexual power. We become inflamed with a new urgency to know what love is and what it is to be loved. We seek friends, relationships, emotional connections, and of course, sex.

We sense that in emotional connections and sex, we will find fulfillment, purpose, and our identity. Throughout these phases of our growth and development, we also create a personality, the interface between our inner and outer worlds.

A personality is the image we project of our identity through the way we talk, dress, and behave. We create the personality of our identity through the way we talk, dress, and behave. We create the personality by imitating others, and we modify it from situation to situation in order to be accepted, to fit in, to survive.

As our circumstances change, we adapt our personality. It is a mask that we wear.

By the age of 21 or so, our body, intellect, heart, and personality are developed.

And a new, much longer phase begins, in which we truly must define ourselves.

The urgency we feel becomes most acute, even painful. Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I do with my life?

Unfortunately, society does not help us answer these fundamental questions.

We may be told what we should be, and we may be given examples to imitate, but it is very rare for someone to discover who they truly are.

Most people are compelled by instinct to procreate, to reproduce the species,

and find themselves in lives that are going nowhere.

Relationships and sex bring only fleeting pleasure instead of lasting fulfillment.

They drift through their lives decade after decade, repeating the same mistakes and problems, chasing after desires that are never satisfied, and ultimately die without ever having discovered their purpose in life.

And that is because everyone is looking in the wrong places.

From birth to adulthood, cause and effect develop our body, heart, intellect, and personality.

None of these are our real identity, our true nature. Each are temporary shelves made during our brief lifetime that our consciousness resides within.

When we die, our consciousness leaves them all behind. Our true identity is only found within the consciousness, and that is not developed by mechanical nature. Rather, it is trapped in mechanical nature.

What do we mean by mechanical nature? It is that level of manifested existence characterized by repeating cycles. In Asian traditions, this is known by the word samsara, which means circling, repeating.

Samsara is evolution and devolution.

Plants, animals, and humanoids are born, survive briefly, reproduce, and die. After death, the consciousness is propelled by cause and effect, bound to the consequences of its previous actions, and it returns into a new body to repeat the same sufferings again.

All of us are trapped in the wheels of a great machine that grinds on, repeating itself.

From the point of view of nature, our only purpose is to feed the wheel.

Observed from such a distant perspective, our individual lives and needs seem very insignificant.

To be born, to grow, to work hard in order to live, to reproduce oneself like an animal, and then left alone and old, waiting to die.

To repeat the same patterns day in and day out, the same circles repeated by our parents and grandparents, and to propel our children into the same repeating patterns is all just a chain of suffering without real purpose. If that is all life is, it is not worth living.

Fortunately, there is a purpose to life.

Each of us has tremendous significance, because each of us has a seed inside, a seed of conscious nature.

What is conscious nature? It is that level of nature that is not bound by the cycles of evolution and devolution.

Within us, it is conscious will.

The purpose of human life is to develop it.

Conscious will is our ability to choose and act.

It is the very essence of individuality.

When our conscious will is fully developed and united with divine will,

the result is a human being with terrific power, power over nature, and especially power over oneself.

Conscious will is not mechanical, automatic. It does not follow animal instincts or the impulses of mechanical nature or imitate what others are doing. It does not reason intellectually or act solely on emotion.

Instead, conscious will acts from the conscience, our innate sense of right and wrong.

Our conscience is a seed of something greater.

In all of our mythologies, we have heard about heroes, Buddhas, masters, people who became something more than the average person.

They acquired knowledge and abilities that are far beyond our own. They embodied all of the greatest qualities of the human being, the most profound of which is selfless love, compassion.

Such people are not created by mechanical nature, accident, genetics, or by the whim of some god. They are not created by beliefs or by evolution, but by conscious will acting in harmony with superior laws.

All living things are born from sex, yet each living thing has its own form of sexual reproduction. Divine beings are born of a divine sexual reproduction, a form of conscious will, purity, and love.

Our consciousness is a seed that can become divine if we know how to grow it.

For that, we need a special kind of sexual act. The stark reality is that very few will do it. From the billions of human seeds that nature scatters on the fields of life, very few reach their full development.

Most simply do not care.

A scarce few are driven with longing to know their purpose and the longing for spiritual knowledge. Even fewer learn to master the power that can develop the consciousness, since it is hidden in the most persistent urgency we feel throughout our life, the urgency to experience love and sex.

When someone is in love, they radiate all of their best qualities. They are noble, charitable, helpful, generous.

Love is a powerful energy that flows within our heart, stimulating the endocrine glands which produce hormones that fill us with vitality.

In ancient Greece, the word hormone meant "that which sets in motion."

Even an older person who falls in love becomes vibrant, radiant. Their endocrine glands produce abundant hormones which revitalize them. Indeed, love truly revitalizes.

Love awakens all of our best qualities.

When human beings are truly in love, they become intuitive, mystical, kind, patient.

Poets and singers have always dreamed of love, but few have known that love is a cosmic force that surges in the depths of every atom, in every creature that lives, and even in the center of every galaxy.

All of life is propelled by love.

It is an extraordinary force of nature that, properly used, can perform miracles and wonders like those of Jesus, whose first miracle was at a wedding.

The force of love enraptures the core of our being. It sweeps our entire mind into a new way of seeing and experiencing life.

Within us, we have electrical and magnetic forces that attract and repel. Between lovers, that magnetic force is very powerful, and its action has a far-reaching effect.

Every great religion is filled with myths and images of love and sex, and all consider sex and marriage sacred. Yet none have explained why.

When we study the power of love, we sense that within sex there might be something extraordinary, something that can transform us radically.

It is logical that if love can transform us, then sex must also.

Yet if love and sex have so much power, then why do we continue to suffer?

Why does genuine happiness continue to evade us?

The answers to these questions are right before our eyes, if we know how to look.

The basis of the Western religions is a story of love and sex.

It is the story of Adam and Eve in the garden called Eden,

where they were innocent and happy and new divinity face-to-face.

The characters and places of the scriptures have many levels of meaning.

Eden, for instance, can refer to a place, but more importantly, it refers to a state of being.

The Hebrew word Eden literally means bliss, happiness.

It describes our fundamental nature, innocent, happy, content, and able to perceive divinity consciously, effortlessly, just as you are using your eyes and ears right now.

The nakedness of Adam and Eve symbolized their innocence, their purity. A baby has no shame, no cause for embarrassment because it is pure and innocent.

We still have that inner purity and innocence. It is our true nature.

Some call it soul, Jiva, or Buddha nature. The modern term is consciousness.

The consciousness is our base awareness, present before thought, emotion, or sensation. Consciousness is the basis of being alive. When unconditioned and awake, the consciousness is totally happy, content, and has no desires.

Its essential nature is love, altruism, kindness. This is a state of Eden, contentment, happiness, and simplicity. And it is easily seen in children, but becomes obscured in adults. Adam and Eve symbolize an ancient humanity who were pure and innocent. They represent the pinnacle of evolution in mechanical nature, the humanoid creature who is merely a seed of something greater.

For the humanoid creature to develop itself into something more, it has to transcend mechanical nature, the animal nature it emerged from. It has to develop conscious will in order to enter into the conscious kingdoms of nature, the paradises, heavens, nirvanas. Those who are called gods, angels, masters, Buddhas are simply human beings who have their consciousness developed to another level.

They were once human beings like us, but they expanded their consciousness, developed it, perfected it, and became capable in ways we can scarcely imagine.

We have the potential to become like them, but that does not happen because of beliefs. We change because of action and consequence.

Our ancestors, characterized in the story about Eden, were being prepared to transcend mechanical nature and enter a higher level. But they failed. Instead of mastering the power within love and sex that could develop them into something greater, they gave in to temptation. They indulged in pleasure and discovered suffering. Paradise, Eden, happiness was lost.

The nature of the sexual power is to create. But what it creates depends upon how we use it.

Our ancestors failed to listen to the instructions from divinity.

As a result, the actions of humanity led to devolution. Humanity began to suffer. From generation to generation, we have continued to make the same mistake, and almost everyone on earth is making the same mistake today.

That is why our society is devolving so rapidly and is on the brink of collapse.

The moment has arrived for everyone to know the secret power of sex.

How to harness the sexual power to be born in a higher kingdom. This is the only way to escape the devolving wheel that is accelerating to the final moments of this humanity.

A cycle of birth and death, of evolution and devolution that has destroyed every previous race on this planet. Ours will not be an exception.

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