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Manly P. Hall: Hermetic Marriage

Alchemical MarriageThe Hermetic marriage is an alchemical symbol found in the nature of all things, for the law of polarity is universal. In the human world it appears as sex - positive and negative, masculine and feminine. As all electricians know, positive and negative are opposite poles of one circuit. Spirit itself knows no polarity, but manifests through polarity to the accomplishment of the Great Work.


The Hermetic marriage is symbolic of the individual who has made himself right with all things, and (most of all) is true to himself and to his fellow men. Human relationships lead to divine relationships, and the unfolding soul builds ever more noble mansions as vehicles for its expression.


Out of the present maelstrom of perverted sexology the philosopher can see a more noble spirit arising - not one who in a lofty way has avoided the endless pitfalls, but one who, nauseated with falsity and sham, has risen to loftier aspirations. The great task of our age is to dignify human relationships; to return the divine crown to the head upon which it belongs; to purify, cleanse, and redeem all things; to transmute civilization as one would transmute a personal habit. The Hermetic Marriage is the apothesis of the world's most abused institution, which will rise again from the slime into which it has sunk; for in its proper recognition and application we see the hope of the race.

Excerpts from The Hermetic Marriage (undated) by Manly P. Hall
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