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M: Creative Power

People often wonder why occultists of all ages are told to renounce everything. This has been misunderstood. What they renounce is their personal will.

Many occultists are told to conserve their creative energy: to master their lower sex nature. Atoms always find their own level. It is the vapour that rises from the surface of our seminal fluid that gives us this determinative energy in Nature. The demand for personal power will not bring these higher forces into operation. But we can evoke a force that binds us to our lower animal nature, and this gives the black magician his power [and that is not what we teach or practice here].

As the manifestation of the Dayspring of Youth becomes more pronounced we should seek to become its instrument, and Nature will implant her ideals and instruction within us, and we shall no longer regard the personal opinion of the world. The old inheritance of illusion must make way for this force of the cosmic hierarchal energy, and humanity will be ruled by this parent of our creation and not by the experience or intelligence of this world. As man is but a fragment of the Reality, he must seek to recover his own lost inheritance by aspiring to regain this consciousness when he responded to this determinative energy of the Reality—God.


If we have foul minds we are not physically healthy.  Aspiration and inward seeking will engender our atoms with a healthy appetite; for they are fed upon the higher nature of one’s seminal fluid: this is the energy we have brought over from past lives and provides us with a greater energy similar to seminal fluid. 


In ancient occult literature they speak of seven steps or seven rungs of a ladder. When we reach our secondary system we arrive at our second rung. When the Master atom ascends its throne we are on the third rung; and when we enter Nature’s consciousness we arrive at our fourth rung; for the Master atom does not release itself from the seminal fluid until we have become conscious of the determinative [creative] energy in Nature.


The organs of generation are of great importance in these teachings; for their creative power is not for sex alone, but also for the creation of ideal standards through the use of imagination.

The powerful energy that enters us has several strands, and each one vibrates a different division of the nervous system.

When seen inwardly these centres radiate different light-waves, like coals glowing in a dark night.


In the seminal tract is a centre of atomic intelligence possessing the nature of the Silver Shield; its atoms cluster about their own individual seats of consciousness. These centres impress us with a veneration for all creative effort. This means that if we are as moral as they, we shall receive instruction regarding our moral welfare


Generally speaking, there are three types of man: physical, mental, and spiritual...

If the spiritual type feels the need of vitality he should bathe his generative organs alternately in hot and cold bowls of water.

The spiritual type are most often obsessed by thoughts of sex, and those belonging to celibate religions have to control this; for the controlling of the sex nature builds up a reservoir of strength, and it is this strength that opens the door to the Innermost.


Hence we find that when the seminal system is clogged or diseased by atoms of an animal nature, or that we have infested this tract with venereal diseases, the disease will be driven from the seminal tract to the brain fibres. These diseases appear almost simultaneously in the brain and in the sexual organs. Hence the necessity to have a pure blood stream by cleanliness and bringing in of atoms of a higher vibration. The evoking of man’s Solar energy can cleanse us from all these diseases; for its fire penetrates every element in our body and keeps the blood pure.

Quoted from The Dayspring of Youth (1933) by M
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