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Gurdjieff: Sexual Substance

"From the 'cerebellum,' one part of these specific substances is also utilized for the needs of the planetary body, but the other part, passing in a 'particular way' through the nerve nodes of the spine and breast, is concentrated, in the beings of the male sex, in the 'testicles' and, in the beings of the female sex, in the 'ovaries,' which are the places of concentration in the common presence of beings of 'being-exioëhary,' which is for them their most sacred possession Incidentally."
"At the present time, very many of these monasteries exist there, and the large number of monks who enter them do indeed strictly abstain from the ejection, in the habitual way, of the 'being-exioëhary,' or 'sperm,' formed in them, but of course this abstinence of theirs never gives any sensible result. And this is because the thought never enters the heads of these hapless contemporary 'monks' that [..] it is indeed possible to perfect themselves by means of this substance." - Beezlebub's Tales to his Grandson, Chapter 39, The Holy Planet Purgatory


"Man by himself cannot become a new man, special inner combinations are necessary. When such a special matter accumulates in sufficient quantities, it may begin to crystallize, as salt begins to crystallize in water if more than a certain proportion is added. When a great deal of fine matter accumulates in man, there comes a moment when a new body can form and crystallize in him […] a higher octave. This body, often called the astral, can only be formed from this special matter and cannot come into being unconsciously. In ordinary conditions, this matter may be produced in the organism, but is used and thrown out." - Views from the Real World, Gurdjieff, 1975)

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