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Numbers: Water from Rock

Moses Draws Water from RockIn the first month, the entire Israelite community came to the Tzin Desert, and the people stopped in Kadesh. It was there that Miriam died and was buried.

The people did not have any מים mayim [water], so they began demonstrating against Moses and Aaron.

The people disputed with Moses. 'We wish that we had died together with our brothers before יהוה!' they declared. 'Why did you bring יהוה's congregation to this desert? So that we and our livestock should die?

Why did you take us out of Egypt and bring us to this terrible place? It is an area where there are no plants, figs, grapes or pomegranates. [Now] there is not even any water to drink!'

Moses and Aaron moved away from the demonstration to the Communion Tent entrance, and fell on their faces. יהוה's glory was revealed to them.

יהוה spoke to Moses, saying, 'Take the staff, and you and Aaron assemble the community. Speak to the rock in their presence, and it will give forth its water. You will thus bring forth water from the rock, and allow the community and their livestock to drink.'

Moses took the staff from before God as he had been instructed.

Moses and Aaron then assembled the congregation before the rock. 'Listen now, you rebels!' shouted Moses. 'Shall we produce water for you from this rock?'

With that, Moses raised his hand, and struck the rock twice with his staff. A huge amount of water gushed out, and the community and their animals were able to drink. - Numbers 20

  • Rock: the foundation stone of the temple; Yesod, the sexual organs
  • Staff: spinal column
  • Water: sexual water of life