Dalai Lamas: Sexual Yoga

The Second Dalai Lama (16th century)

"By relying upon an external consort... who has matured through Tantric initiation, the yogi on the highest levels of the completion stage is led to Great Bliss... For this practice one must understand the oral instructions well and have complete control of the vital energies. Entering into sexual union with a consort, gives rise to the Innate Bliss. This causes the vital energies to dissolve just as at the time of death, and the Clear Light of the mind arises with great strength..." - Transmission of the Wisdom Dakini


The Sixth Dalai Lama

"I sought instruction at the feet of a renowned lama,
But my thoughts continually escaped to my beloved
For my mind was full of great compassion."


The Seventh Dalai Lama

"By the profound yogas of the secret path, such as offering ambrosial substances to the dakas and dakinis (divine beings) who reside in the body's subtlest energy channels, one's every action becomes a Tantric practice... Having separated your mind totally from obscuration, preconception and grasping at life as mundane, do you not abide in constant joy?"

"Mind fixed on the bliss and mudra of the consort a rain of innate joy pours down. As if embracing reality itself, one melts in the sphere of ecstatic union." - The Essence of All-beneficial Ambrosia


The Thirteenth Dalai Lama

"By the power of the secret methods of Tantra, we come to directly realize the essential, pure nature of all appearances."

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