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The Alchemist's Laboratory
The Alchemist's Laboratory


One of the oldest sciences of humanity, Alchemy was known and honored in all ancient cultures because it protected the science of transforming the gross, animal man into a divine being. Yet, as is sadly evident in this day and age, mankind has never respected the divine, and only seeks to indulge in pleasures regardless of the price. Nonetheless, for those who would learn how to apply the mysterious science of Alchemy in their own life, we provide you with the key to unlock the door.

"Join the male to the female in their own proper humidity, because there is no birth without union of male and female." - Hermes

"Purify husband and wife separately, in order that they may unite more intimately; for if you do not purify them, they cannot love each other. By conjunction of the two natures you get a clear and lucid nature, which, when it ascends, becomes bright and serviceable." - Avicenna

"The ferment of the Sun is the sperm of the man, the ferment of the Moon the sperm of the woman. From them we get a chaste union and a true generation." - The Rosary

"Our [Philosophical] Stone must be extracted from the nature of two bodies before it can become a perfect Elixir." - The Mirror

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