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Vishuddha (Sanskrit: विशुद्ध, "especially pure"), is the fifth primary chakra, located at the throat.


  • Church: Sardis
  • Region: Thyroid gland
  • Vowel: Eh

The chakra Vishuddha of our spinal medulla is situated at the base of our creative larynx. This marvelous chakra is intimately related with the Tattva Akash (Ethereal element). The color of this chakra is of an intense blue. The laryngeal chakra belongs to the Tattva Manas. The divine deity that protects this marvelous chakra is Sadashiva. This marvelous chakra has sixteen beautiful petals. Indeed, the center of this chakra looks like a full moon. - Samael Aun Weor, Kundalini Yoga, The Mysteries of the Fire