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(Sanskrit त्रिदण्डिन्) Literally, "carrying the 3 staves tied together; triple commander." 

"That man is called a (true) tridandin in whose mind these three, the control over his speech (vagdanda), the control over his thoughts (manodanda), and the control over his body (kayadanda), are firmly fixed. That man who keeps this threefold control (over himself) with respect to all created beings and wholly subdues desire and wrath, thereby assuredly gains complete success."  - Laws of Manu 12:10-11

"...he who has been initiated into three degrees, who carries the three rods, and who has power over three things: thought, speech, and action." - Louis Jacolliot, Occult Science in India

"The Shushumna channel together with the two sympathetic cords are symbolized by the bamboo reed with three knots, that the Trans-himalayan yogis use... This is why they are known as Tridandins." - Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose


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