(Greek: Θούλη, Thoúlē; Latin: Thule, Tile) A mystical, ancient, far-northern location described in classical literature that is variously assumed to represent Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, etc, all of which are mistaken. Virgil used the word Thile in Georgics 1.30 to mean "furthest land" as a symbolic reference to denote a far-off land or an unattainable goal. The astronomer Geminus of Rhodes said that the name Thule derived from an archaic word for the polar night, meaning "the place where the sun goes to rest." In truth, Thule refers to the ancient land of Polaris, the continent inhabited by the polar race, the first human race on this planet, many millions of years ago.

"Extraordinary, charming Tula [of the Aztecs] is indeed nothing more than the Scandinavian Thule, about which the golden verses of the great Seneca speak, beyond the confines of this world..." —Samael Aun Weor, The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

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