Chinese , "way, truth, path."

The ineffable Chinese Tao is the same Latin Deus, the French Dieu, the Greek Theos, the Spanish Dios, and also the Nahuatl Aztec Teotl. 

The Latin Pater, unquestionably and irrefutably, happens to be the same English Father, the German Vater, the Swedish Fader, the very Spanish Padre, and finally, the Indo-American Ba or Pa.

The sweet Latin Mater is undoubtedly, the same Matrusa, the French Mere, the English Mother, the noble Spanish Madre, and in Mayan or Quechua the Na or Maya.

These extraordinary linguistic similarities signal and indicate more than mere pretense, boasting, or etymological showing off. - Samael Aun WeorAtlantis

"The Tao is the Being, the Tao is INRI, the Tao is the inner Christ." -Samael Aun Weor, The Esoteric Path

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