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Spiritual Night

Tarot 9Those who are genuine initiates on the path of awakening consciousness must occassionally endure spiritual nights, a length of time in which there is no solar light — inspiration, confidence, experiences, etc. A spiritual night is not the "spiritual darkness" of the common person, since the genuine initiate has already begun awakening consciousness physically and internally, and receiving internal initiations ("light" in the spinal column), and is thus in chastity (no orgasm), eliminating defects and vices, and is actively sacrificing on behalf of others. Only someone who has been consciously receiving the light of the Solar Force can then experience a "spiritual night" when that sun is not visible.

"There are times of terrible loneliness, and the best initiates have spoken about that loneliness. The "spiritual night" of Beethoven, the "spiritual night" of Mozart, the "spiritual night" of Jesus of Nazareth, the "spiritual night" of Hermes Trismegistus: times in where one is in the most terrible loneliness, separated from all spirituality. Above they do not welcome you, because you do not deserve it; down here they do not welcome you either, because one has become an enemy of the psychological ego. To that end, one walks like a disgraced one upon the clay of the earth. Many fail at the time of those spiritual nights. Yet, the few who manage to resist, truly succeed. But they are few, I repeat, those who manage to resist such a hard ordeal.

Student: Master, in order to know exactly if we arrive at that time named "spiritual night,” what are its characteristics and manifestations, in order to not be confused?

Samael Aun Weor: They are very practical and concrete: a lack of internal illumination, boredom, sexual failure, more despair, a high degree of materiality. Not a ray of light or a note of hope: only a sensorial, endlessly boring world, and nothing else. These, then, are the symptoms of the “spiritual night”; I repeat, these are the symptoms.

Student: I wonder, venerable master, how long the "spiritual night" endures and if it is equal for men and women.

Samael Aun Weor: The "spiritual night" is for men and women. It can last months, as it can last for many years; the time varies. The majority of people flee, they indulge in drinking, they escape. Again, rare are those who have enough strength and tenacity in order to reach the end of it. Those who persevere will be saved. Those who persevere will reach enlightenment. Those who persevere, will advance on the path of initiation. That is all!

Student: Master, what formulas could you give to the creatures that pass through that trance, so that they come out of it as soon as possible?

Samael Aun Weor: In the midst of solitude and silence, in the midst of pain and widowhood; before boredom, emptiness, there is only one way: Meditation. When the mind is quiet, when the mind is silent, the new arrives. During Meditation one must exhaust the process of thinking. When that process is exhausted, then the new arrives. If we achieve the emergence of the Illuminating Void within the mind, we will then receive enlightenment, and this will comfort us greatly. 

In times of strong temptation, as said by Fray Diego de Molina in his "Spiritual Guide,” one needs to submerge into introspection, into profound Meditation. Therefore, whosoever wants to become triumphant during a "spiritual night,” let them deliver themselves to deep Meditation. That is all. —Questions About the Path